Thursday, August 7, 2014

The whole truth nothing but the truth has finally reveal itself

PKR willing to destroy Pakatan, so that Anwar's wife can be MB.
"The major takeaway points from Rafizi Ramli’s comments at a forum last Tuesday night were:
First, that PKR’s top leaders are dead set on burning all bridges with PAS, and thus abolishing Pakatan Rakyat entirely.
Second, that PKR’s top leaders truly believe that it is better for Umno to run Selangor, than Khalid Ibrahim.
With regards to the second, Rafizi bluntly stated that the attempt to remove Khalid is worth the risk of losing Selangor to Umno.
That he addressed this risk at all is an admittance of how real that possibility is. That he thinks that this somehow brings his like closer to Putrajaya is an indication that obsession and vindictiveness have overtaken common sense.
Again, this can only mean that for PKR, installing Anwar’s wife as menteri besar is more important than maintaining a united front to defeat Barisan Nasional.
Either they are stupid enough to think they can go it alone, especially in the heartland where they lost the worst, or they simply have other priorities than replacing BN. 

Nathaniel Tan

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