Sunday, August 3, 2014

It would be good if ALL MALAYSIAN MINISTERS just stay in Ukraine permanently especially Rosmah

So many Malaysian ministers in Ukraine, for what?
The Antdaily
READERS’ COMMENTS: Practically half the Malaysia cabinet is there – either in Amsterdam or Kiev, not forgetting the 100 security personnel already sent over, not forgetting Datin Seri Rosmah – what business has she there, to lay flowers for victims of MH17 victims?
We do pay our Malaysian Ambassador to Netherlands and the Foreign Minister to look into things, so why the need for so many ministers – the Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Foreign Minister and his deputy, Home and Health Ministers are all in that area. Don't they have any work back home?
The Health Minister who should be back home taking charge in preparation of global threat of Ebola outbreak! Does the Prime Minister think this is an excursion?
Malaysian tax-payers are picking the tab for their travels and expenditure, but is the PM paying for his wife's? – Jong
Azman A Hamid: Policemen to a crash site. They don't even know local enforcement laws and yet they are sent there. Free vacation.
Most of them don't even speak English. Armed or otherwise, what are they going to do there that Ukrainian authorities won't or can't do?
They have no power there. I wonder who authorised this trip?
Dagpa Rimpoche: His breakthrough deal with anti-Ukraine rebels for recovery of remains of Flight MH17 and handover of the flight data recorders last week is nothing. The flight data recorders are rightfully ours and should be naturally be in our hands.
Who wants dead bodies lying on their land? They were actually just too happy when someone wanted to collect the bodies. So tell me, what has Najib achieved?
Bird Talk: Why do all you commentators take things at face value?
Just think of all these people in Crimea now are on long service holiday and all will be clear. Patriotic Malaysians must not question the government's potential achievement but should instead make success a greater possibility.
Why not send the whole Malaysian army there?
This should wake up the rest of the world and show them we mean business, that we are not Americans, all talk only, no action.
Liza: Sometimes I feel the Malaysian government is getting stupid by the day or maybe both of them have other agenda. Who knows what our Prime Minister is up to?
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