Monday, August 11, 2014

Chinese Humour For Ghost Month

> Yesterday I went to buy joss sticks, joss paper and accessories to pray for my ancestors. The joss sticks shop boss asked me if I wish to buy paper IPhone to burn for my ancestors.
> I asked "They know how to use or not - this so advanced IPhone?"
> He said "Steve Jobs already there, he can teach them to use."
> I said OK lor.
> He asked me whether I want to buy casing to protect the IPhone.
> I also said OK.
> Next, he asked me if I wanted Bluetooth?
> I said "Might as well lor."
> He asked "What about charger?"
> I said need charger meh?
> He said of course lah, after battery no power how?
> So I bought a 2-amp charger also.
> Then I ask for his name card.
> He asked "Why you need my name card?"
> I said "I will burn your name card also to my ancestors. For warranty claim, they will contact you direct okay?". Have a nice day

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