Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OKU got caned for failing to answer a question

KLUANG: A physically impaired Standard Five pupil suffered bruises on his back, buttocks, thighs and right arm allegedly after being caned by his Science teacher on Monday.

Abdul Rahman Mustafa, 11, claimed that the teacher caned him after he failed to answer a question.

"At first, he tried to cane me on the palm, but I managed to avoid it. Then, he asked me to turn around towards the black board and he caned me on the back, thighs and right arm," he told reporters at his home in Taman Renggam Jaya here on Tuesday.

The boy said the teacher also asked him to stand on his chair and that he had told his mother, Faridah Kunyikoya, 32, about the whole incident when he returned from his religious school at about 4.30pm on Monday.

Meantime, Faridah said she was shocked to learn about the incident, describing the teacher, in his 30s, as having crossed the line as her son was a person with disability (OKU).

"I admit that my son is quite slow, but imposing extreme punishment like this is not the proper way to teach.

"At first, I thought I should just keep quiet because I don't want to embarrass the school, but I also don't want this incident to recur," she said, adding that her son was traumatised by the incident.

Her husband, Mustafa Mohamed, 35, said he had lodged two police reports about the incident, one of which was made at Simpang Renggam police station, while the other at Kluang police headquarters following medical examination at Kluang Hospital.

"The teacher had admitted and apologised for caning my son when my wife and I went to see him at the school earlier today, but I leave it to the authorities to take further action," he said.

Kluang police chief ACP Mohd Roze Shaari, when contacted, confirmed receiving the report, saying that the case is being investigated.

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