Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not a single soul in UMNO was troubled by the disappearance of MH370

Now WHERE was Prime Minister Najib, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin, and some of the OTHER TOP UMNO Cabinet Ministers and MP's yesterday during the incident of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 some of you might ask???

Well, from NOH OMAR's Official Profile, it seems even AFTER receiving the news, DESPITE this incident receiving worldwide media attention putting Malaysia's National Carrier under the limelight and into scrutiny...despite already receiving word, he and our DPM seemed so relaxed discussing of the matter while drinking coffee.

Najib, DPM and some of the other Top "DOGS" ( Literally) of UMNO where at Kem ILMU ( Institut Latihan Memperkasakan UMNO) in Janda Baik under their 'Biro Pemantapan Politik' to train and have workshops with other heads of UMNO and prepare for the Kajang By-Elections. Noh Omar if some of you out there DON'T know was put in-charge of one of the head coordinators for the upcoming Kajang By-Elections.

With a missing Plane along with our own fellow citizens and citizens from 14 different countries, he does seem a bit TOO RELAXED along with DPM instead of taking the matter rather seriously as it is.

THIS is NOT the "ATTITUDE" I would expect from a Prime Minister, Deputy Minister or Cabinet Ministers during a time of crisis.

IF I were Prime Minister in this situation I would call my Private Secretary and Chief Of Staff and tell them to get my entire office personnel to the Office for this urgent matter until we could get some more definitive answers to assist in investigations...weekends or not.

But it seems 'Elections' and STAYING IN POWER takes precedence over Human LIFE when it comes to these UMNO B@$+@rds.


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