Wednesday, March 19, 2014

For goodness sake let them talk to the press

Sometimes I wonder whether our authorities have any feelings or emotions. These people are frustrated after waiting for so many days without a strong indication from the Malaysian Government of where their loved ones might be. It does not matter how bad the news might be. They want answer which in my opinion they will not get from the Malaysian mouthpiece. So why can't they talk to the press? Did the Malaysian Authority intention to bring them to Malaysia was to shut their mouth?

Since Day 1, in fact when the authority were first notified on March 8th at 1.30am that MH370 disappeared from radar not a single person took the disappearance seriously.  Everyone thought that it was a normal routine and continue to sleep.  Even when the foreign press and social media blasted the news widely the authorities especially the Prime Minister was still having fun with a China Doll in Janda Baik.  Yes Janda Baik is UMNO's den where China Dolls and Bangla Boys come in and out with escorted security.  After the job is done the China Dolls and Bangla Boys are sent up to Genting Highland to rest.

It took the Malaysian Authority 12 hours before they started working.  By then every possible clues have been wiped clean. If it was a crash even the ones who survived would have drown from being in the sea for too long.

Or is it because most of the passengers were Chinese that the Malaysian Authority were reluctant to help?  I am questioning this because for the past few years Perkasa, Pekida, UMNO Ministers, UMNO members, Retired Armed Forces and the Muslim NGOs were out for Chinese Blood at every opportunity. There are ample proof that the UMNO Malays wanted to chase out the Malaysian Chinese to China.

Secondly till today why are the Authorities not looking at the maintenance staff and baggage handlers for MH370?

Thirdly who was the person who authorized the change for Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah to be on MH370?

And the last question is why till today the Malaysian Authorities are reluctant to release the photos of all the passengers and crew of MH370?

Now what happens if this one was onboard MH370?

Would the Malaysian Authorities have worked differently?

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