Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flight arranged by MAS to Kuala Lumpur landed in India

Chinese families of MH370 passengers fuming as MAS offers to bring them to KL but lands them in India instead

The families of the Chinese passengers on the missing MH370 flight have reached their boiling point, as a flight arranged by Malaysia Airlines to bring them to Kuala Lumpur messed up in transit and landed them in India instead.
Taiwan's CitTV news segment from Mar 11 shows the anger and anxiety of the Chinese families in Beijing, fuelled by the lack of answers and conclusive evidence after the MAS plane lost contact with ground on Saturday, Mar 8.
Malaysia Airlines, in a bid to comfort the families, had offered to bring them to Kuala Lumpur to wait.
The news segment shared that about 90 per cent had declined to be sent to Malaysia.
The reporter said:
"Why do they want to go to Malaysia to wait? To look at the sea?
"There's no use waiting there."
Of the ten per cent which followed MAS' arrangements to go to KL, some met with an unfortunate screw-up in transit at Hong Kong International Airport -- and landed them in India instead.
Apart from that, they felt that nothing was done as they waited idly around in hotels in Malaysia.
Many families subsequently erupted in anger.
They even threw plastic bottles at press conferences, shouting:
"What can Malaysia Airlines say? They've done nothing so far.
"Malaysians are liars!"
They felt that the numerous press conferences held were useless, as it contained no new information about their loved ones.
Harping on the fact that some people had managed to connect briefly to some passengers' mobile phones, they are angered that nothing is being done to trace their signals before their batteries run out.
China's spokesperson for foreign affairs expresses hope that the anxiety of the Chinese families would spur Malaysia to increase efforts and expand their search radius to bring results.

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