Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Every Tuesday is money day for JPJ

‘Kopi O’ licences: Young drivers turn vehicles into killing machines

Ace Emerson
PETALING JAYA: Road mishaps are so common these days that getting into our cars might seem like an “adventure” waiting to happen.

We have to prepare ourselves well to combat our way through unpredictable traffic and yet keep an eye out for idiotic drivers who have little or no regard for road regulations.

It is absurd just how many fools there are on the roads today. One must be a really good driver to steer clear from having a collision and stay safe on the roads. Sometimes one wonders how these people obtained their licences.
Well, have you heard of people buying a driver's licence? No skills or examination required. Just bring along your ATM card and be willing to fork out for your licence. It’s that simple.

A driving school instructor told theantdaily that eight out of 10 young people who went to the school opted to buy the licence without going through the tests.

This is indeed serious. They are turning their vehicles into killing machines.
Some schools are actually blase about it, indicating to new applicants the option to buy their licence instead of wasting their time taking the exam which “you will fail anyway.”

Others brazenly quote their “asking” price over the phone, and the rest who are more careful will tell you to have a face-to-face meeting before discussing money.

The asking price for a “guaranteed” driving licence is around RM1,500 to RM2,000 or more, depending on the applicant and his nationality.

A young driver told theantdaily that prior to being tested, she had been told by the driving school instructor that it would be very difficult to pass without having to pay RM2,000 upfront, which could be settled at any testing centre in Petaling Jaya.

A more watchful instructor had told her that there was no such thing as a “guaranteed” pass. Having said that, he requested to meet up with her face-to-face to discuss a “guaranteed” pass.

When a bunch of college students were questioned on the matter, their response was: "That’s how it is done here, isn’t it? All our friends have done it. If you don't pay the ‘undertable money’, you waste your money going for the tests, over and over again."

It is regrettable that such notion has been instilled in the minds of students by these unscrupulous licensed driving schools.

Not only can the practice lead to putting unskilled drivers on the road, but it can also put a significant encumbrance on people seeking a licence. It can hinder access to job opportunities if people cannot afford to give bribes.

Sadly, many people do not appreciate the need to learn and earn the hours of driving on the road required by JPJ.

The road test is not just an evaluation of whether or not you can drive but it is also a test of whether or not you fully understand the rules. It is more of developing the assurance of driving on the road the accurate way.

For example, driving with the hazard lights on, not indicating before turning, speeding up when someone has indicated to cut in front of your car, speeding at pedestrian crossings, running the red light, driving with one hand, hogging the road, tailgating, etc.

At present, applicants may be required to take anywhere around 10 and 20 lessons. This is far less than what the JPJ advises as the “minimum”.

Which means it is virtually impossible to master everything there is to know about driving in the course of 10 lessons. That is just scratching the surface.
Mastering to drive, understanding what to do and what not to do, in a given scenario can be a life-time process. You could be driving for 20 years and then all of a sudden encounter something completely new.

Given the licence-for-sale menace, it is no surprise that our roads are flooded with unskilled drivers who lack the basic road safety knowledge.

We need to seriously evaluate the way new drivers acquire their licence and flush out corruption.

If we truly care about our youth and their future, we must ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills before being allowed on the road.

Hopefully, this will cut down accidents and help save lives.
Payment for parking.
RM100 for the tester.
RM200 for the two in the circuit.
RM50 for the boss in the office.
Payment for on the road.
RM100 for tester.
RM100 for boss in the office.
This is the extra amount to be paid if you want to get a driving licence in Malaysia.
Out of 1,000 learners only 1 get to pass.  The rest can resit and resit till you are forced to pay a total of RM550 as bribe.
Every Tuesday is pocket money day for JPJ.


Vic said...

If any Malaysian questions as to why Malaysia cannot be like the bribe-free Road Transport Departments in countries where bribes are very much prevented by their respective governments, the Malaysian government will tell the person to migrate out from Malaysia.

Vic said...

Correction ! ... every working Test-Day is Bribe-Money Day for Transport Dept all over Malaysia. I have been in the industry and I have witnessed them all. A PM who can't stop the corruption is like the Almighty who boastfully created subordinate angels and ended up dealing with a rebellious Chief-of-Angels from among them. Well so much said for the egoistic Creator.

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