Monday, March 17, 2014

BN playing with fire again

At the event at Kampung Bukit Angkat, Sungai Chuah, Kajang, senior citizens, single mothers and other disadvantaged persons receive rice, wheelchairs and other necessities and shopping vouchers.

As most of the recipients are Chinese, Kurup's speech in Bahasa Malaysia is translated to Mandarin.

"Vote for BN's candidate for political stability," says Kurup.

"Vote for BN's candidate for peace and unity of the country."

"Vote for BN's candidate that is one from your own race," Kurup pleads the attendees.
The Rakyat are only wanted for their votes.
Playing the race card is like playing with fire.
One forget the Malays are the first to get burn.

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Biggest heist in the world

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