Saturday, April 21, 2012

Malaysian Islamic Values for students
"Today I withhold this keris. But if one day I can't tolerate anymore, I will use the keris against the enemy of this land!" said Alam Warisan President Azam Moktar.

Azam Moktar is a desperate man in need of recognition for the coming 13th General Election.  Men like him are seen daily in warong talking cock.  They are envious and jealous they have not the gut to act on their sexual needs.  These kind only act in groups.  Alone they are cowards.

People like Azam are trash not worthy to get angry with.

In the UMNO cabinet and Islamic Council are men who goes all directions and gender to have fantasy sex as their spouses are considered dead log. Dead log means go in come out within two seconds as an obligation.

With others there is the hot and thrilling excitement of doing things unislamic and unnatural. 

Toyol loves to have sex in his official car with his under age mistress who was then studying in Mara while speeding through the highway.

Mahathir loves to have sex in Parliament with people's wives.

Hishamuddin loves to do threesome with the same gender.

Zahid also loves threesome and always demand for young girls and boys.  Sometimes when desperate he takes on the young turks in army camps.  In Mecca he is well service by the boys there.

Najib our Prime Minister goes for girls from China, Vietnam and boys from India and Myanmar.

In the office of the Islamic Council are drawers of porno tapes and pictures of instruction how to have sex. Who does it belong to? Single parents and young men who seek help are taken to low class hotels in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur to help ease the sex stress of the Islamic Council Officers for an hour or so.  Then these helpless victims are cast aside and forgotten.  No wonder Hasan Ali has video recording of alleged Christian conversion.  Even a donkey will want to convert into a cow when your own kind abuses your trust. Sad to say even Royalty are doing the same.

So is this the Islamic Way of teaching students?  

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