Saturday, April 28, 2012

Full Alert

Notice to everyone.

All transport system will not be working in Kuala Lumpur for a day.
Police have lockdown the following areas as at 1.00am today.
Sogo side, Jalan Kuching leading to town.  Brickfields going to Pasar Seni, Petaling Street starting from Opposite Chinese Assembly Hall - five FRU truck on stand by.  Shaw Road, Tun Razak Roundabout going to Bukit Bintang. Opposite Selangor Golf leading to Bukit Bintang.  Ampang Park going to KLCC.
FRU, Police, DBKL and Rela estimated 10,000 are deployed to watch these areas in Kuala Lumpur alone.
So make sure you use a pair of good walking shoes, plenty of water, towel and toothpaste for an incredible event.

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