Sunday, April 1, 2012

From freedom to more oppression

The prime minister, in his own words while sleeping
2009: Promise of freedom
If we are truly to build a democracy that is responsive to the needs of all the people, we need a media — both old and new — that is empowered to responsibly report what they see, without fear of consequence, and to hold governments and public officials accountable for the results they achieve or do not achieve
Najib Tun Razak
2011: Open democracy
We will continue to spend and invest to promote open democracy and Digital democracy…even a government that is not too keen about the “democracy” part of “Digital democracy” should embrace the “digital” part
2012: Promise of control
The government cannot be viewed as practising double standards in its rules towards the printed and digital media. The government “will carry out a comprehensive study for the need for [a new law and] existing ones to take into ac

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