Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dictator showing his power

If you think this is harsh, just wait until after 13th General Election.
On the advice of Mahathir Kutty, bills were speedily passed in Parliament..
Malay Thugs are given allowance of RM3,000 per month to bully the Rakyat.
All media are told to blackout reports on abuse against Rakyat and protesters.
All uniform units are told to spy on opposition, activists and supporters.
All telecommunication and posting on net are monitored.
Students who take part in protest and Bersih 3.0 will be prosecuted financially.
Parents of students who demand for their rights will be punished too.
After 13th General Election many people will be prosecuted for demanding for their rights.
So you think UMNO Government should be given a chance to prosecute us.
No-one is safe, even Civil Servants, Uniform unit and dogs of UMNO can be prosecuted if the UMNO Government feel they are supporters of the opposition parties.

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