Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Thank You

I started this petition STOP THE FRAUD IN TNB because I was one of the lucky victims of TNB selected for their scam.  TNB has the monopoly in supplying electricity to the whole country.  Yet you read stories about them been cheated and losing money. Only in Malaysia such excuses are not check.  The CEO of TNB has been getting fat salary by coming out with ways to cheat the consumers.  Police reports are make daily but no action been taken.  MACC is playing pass the baton and the ruling Government is all ears but no hear.   AG is filling his grave hole to hold his wealth for his next life.

Forensic audit is a must and independent calibration is necessary to check balance the fraud within TNB.

Some are saying that giving the petition to Agong is useless, as he has no power.  But I strongly believe that this Agong and the next one can and will do more for the Rakyat.

2012 till 2014 will see two strong willed Royalty having the upper hands.

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