Boob gourd from Vietnam

A vegetable that pleases the men


Mervb said…
Where does one purchase these gourd seeds ?
Dian said…
Get someone to buy them when they holiday in Vietnam. Some farmers in Penang are growing them but not sure where.
zzman said…
hese boob-melons are displayed in a cafe located in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. All melons are hand-made artwork which created by a Vietnamese female artist. She used silicon and composites to make them, and painted it in a pinkish color resembling of human skin, rather than the usual green of the species. The fruits and vines ‘grow’ upon on a bamboo frame inside the open cafe as decorations. The artist aimed to convey a message of femininity and women power in the modern world. Look like many Chinese people are in the wrong perspective.
A tal da Tha.M. said…
hahahahhahaha, mas q porra é essa?
Raquel said…
it is named "photoshop"

Those are hand-made by a Hanoi artist, not grown.
no these are true plants i bought from china they grown in black sand in around 3 months ..its true i have more seeds if u need call me its true 08885857384....but painting is true as pink ..but their true colour is grreenish

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