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My spiritual sex with Mills and Boons

Sex book author allows peep into bedroom
The author of the Obedient Wives Club's (OWC) contentious sex guide claimed having experienced "spiritual sex" and penned the book to share the "rewards" of her knowledge with members.

Hatijah Aam, the second wife of the banned Al-Arqam founder, the late Ashaari Muhammad, said she wrote the pocket sized 128-page book to counter the "Westernisation of sex" which aimed to "destroy the purity of the act".

obedien wife club book sex islamAshaari, who was married five times and fathered 37 children, used to head the Islamic sect that was banned in 1994 as heretical because it projected him as the absolver of sinners and empowered by Allah with supernatural powers.

In the publication titled ‘Seks Islam: Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia' (Islamic Sex: Fighting against Jews to return Islamic sex to the world), OWC said that the club considers Prophet Muhammad their president.

There are no explicit pictures in the book, but the narratives are populated with graphic descriptions of sexual acts, some between the author and her late husband.

One chapter chronicles the extreme pleasure she experienced when her breasts and nipples were sucked and kissed by her late husband, described as the ultimate carnal pleasure.

"Ketika kami begitu tertarik untuk sesama mengucap bibir dan lidah masing-masing, kami merasakan Kaulah yang melakukannya."

[When we are so attracted to each other's lips and tongues, we felt like You (God) were the one who did it.]

Bedroom romp in detail

"Belum pun jemu, berhiburan di bibir mulut, tangan suamiku seperti tidak mampu dikawal-kawal untuk segera menangkap buah-buah dadaku untuk diramas-ramaskan dan dimain-mainkan putingnya sepenuh hatinya".

[Before I was satiated with his 'entertaining' my mouth, my husband's hands, as if out control, started to grab my breasts, groping them both and playing with my nipples.]

"Aku pula mengalami rasa nikmat yang tidak terperi. Dan rasa macam suis dibuka untuk terbukanya kemaluanku".

NONE[Thus I began to experience such unbounded pleasure. And at that moment, I felt like a switch had flipped on that opened up my womanhood (vagina).]

The sex guide provoked a nationwide outrage two weeks ago for bewitching its readers with the author's take on "how sex becomes worship".

"Kemuncak cinta kita ialah celah kangkang. Tangan, kaki dan segalanya terdorong kuat untuk menuju ke situ."

[The apex of our love is the cleft in between. Hands, feet and everything else are strongly driven towards that.]

This is one of several "instructions" she offered to readers on how sex is a "holy act" to be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage, leading to not only self-gratification but also closeness to God.

Miserable failure of some males

She added that her work was a wedding present to her daughter and son-in-law, whom she referred to as "Liyana and Humam".

It also incorporated a few interesting questions and answers involving internationally renowned leaders and actors who had been embroiled in sex scandals.

bill hilarry clinton campaign 061007Question: Why did President (Bill) Clinton cheat on his wife, Hillary?

Answer: Clinton could have cheated on his wife because Prophet Muhammad led his 11 wives for the sake of their love. The problem is Clinton is not a smart leader at all, that is with just two persons. What more with 11!

Question: A Western actress great at sex (Jennifer Aniston) was divorced by her husband, Brad Pitt, who then married Angelina Jolie. Why?

Answer: Brad Pitt is just like all other men in the world, they fear fierce and demanding women. Therefore, even if great at sex, they are fierce. If that woman was loyal and well-mannered, there would have been no divorce.

Question: Did Allah only teach us to be faithful in matters related to sex?

Answer:The 'loyalty package' involves good deeds, manners, morale, striving and sacrificing for the love of Allah and the Prophet.

Sex needs serious attention

The author also encouraged defeating the Jews by spreading the sacred knowledge of sex.

"We have been deceived by the enemies of Allah on meaning what's explicit, disgusting, humiliating about sex. (These enemies) want Muslims to think the sexual intercourse between couple is similar... this is the misconception created by the evil doings of Jews to create enmity against Allah and the Prophet."

NONEShe ends the book on a modest note by saying although the wife of the epitome leader Ashaari, sometimes she scored well in loyalty to her husband, "but there were times failure too" and her "vulnerable condition" was caused by 'sihir' (magic) as otherwise a 100 percent loyal wife will not be deny her husband's wishes.

"At that point, I asked Abuya to leave me because I couldn't serve him anymore. I said, 'Don't you have many wives?'

"It was then, Allah bestowed on Ashaari his blessing for the latter's soul to appear simultaneouslyat various places."

Group sex

However at yesterday's press conference, Hatijah, who rather peeved by the media coverage, told reporters that if the book had gone against Islamic virtues, the authorities should have taken action when it was published in August.

The passage in the book which sparked an uproar was the assertion that a Muslim man is allowed to have sex with all his four of his wives at the same time, which OWC insisted was the result of a "misunderstanding".

Hatijah stressed the book states that a man who has reached his highest spiritual level can have sex with all his wives simultaneously, "spiritually".

The contents of the book, however, were challenged by Muslim groups stressing that Muslim men cannot physically have group sex with all their wives.

The book priced at RM50 is not available to the public, its distribution is restricted to the OWC's 3,000 members and married couples. The last remaining copies were handed out to reporters.

The media conference was organised by the OWC to pre-empt allegations that the sex guide is against Islam.


When I first started reading Mills and Boons at age 12 the authors must have reached their highest spiritual level to have sex with its readers. But pity though most of the authors then were female.

Now has OWC come out with story line books similar to Mills and Boons then just maybe people will not make a big fuss over the spiritual sex thing.

OWC can donate hundred copies to all the Royal Households, Ministers, Sinful and even to the Trio Datuk T. Maybe they can push the sale up for OWC.

There is a saying all birds of the same flock fly together.

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