Friday, October 28, 2011

2nd letter to TNB CEO

28th October 2011

Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Nor,

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Tenaga Nasional Berhad,

129 Jalan Bangsar.

59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Datuk Seri,

Re: Demand for a new meter

This is reference to my letter 22nd August 2011 (Re: High Billing and Missing Disc A/C 0123 00671857 09)

After you received my letter Datuk Seri, your officers from Selborn visited my shop. What they did was to shown me the meter was working properly. But what they refused to admit and do was to go with me to check 10 other shop lots that has meter running at different speed.

I had no choice but to sign the forms given to me saying my meter is working okay. But I did protest to them that I can show proof that the meters are rigged and can be manipulated by them. They still refused to accept my challenge.

I am now demanding for a new meter to be installed in my present.

My next complain is that for many months now your officers and pos Malaysia are working hand in hand to make more money out of our misery from your service.

I enclose herewith TNB notice sent to me. The date marked in the notice said that on 29th September 2011 a demand was given to me to pay up. On the right hand column is a date marked as 10th October 2011 electricity will be cut if I fail to pay. If you look at the envelope it has a stamp mark dated 13th October 2011. On the 17th October 2011 at 11am without fail your men came to cut my electricity and that is the day I also receive my notice. And each month without fail I have to fight with your men to explain that the notice are always late and each time your Selborn office refuse to take any calls. After having to cough up RM30 twice to your men to allow me time to pay up before 3pm the same day, I now refuse to do so. The whole thing is a scam used by TNB and Pos Malaysia that your office refused to look into though there were complaints of such dirty tactics for the past five years.

Every year my shop is close for a week each for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. As such electricity is not use for seven days for each festival. Yet this year my electricity went up on those holidays. Maybe Datuk Seri, you can ask your staff to explain which spirit beings were having a party in my shop.

Another illogical billing is low factor usage. Dear Datuk Seri, how much of electricity must I use in a small shop like mine? Plus there is no reason whatsoever to use electricity that is not required.

Another shamble is that many shops are using five to 20 times more electricity than my shop yet they are ONLY PAYING RM300 to RM600 per month. Even a standard one student can tell you this does not compute.

Next your new system of sending bills by post on alternate months. Again your men are playing with the tariff to make millions. If Energy Commission is serious enough to look into this through forensic accounting, I believe you and all the other top level officers should not only resign but sent to jail for cheating.

Now next would be another open secret that has been going on for donkey of years. Every few months envelopes are place on the desk of your employees. One need not ask but just take it and use it as pocket money. There is a very strong system in place in TNB where certain people on the ground sell electricity to DBKL, illegal stalls, kongsi, illegal immigrate and refugees’ homes, Indian squatters etc………….. Each household need only pay RM50 per month and everything kow tim. In order not to show an imbalance of money going into TNB forecast, suckers like me are make to pay for the different. Another good example is the latest scam recorded by Auditor-General where RM770, 000 was used to supply electricity to 1 house.

So you see Datuk Seri, there is a lot going on in TNB, people are aware but cannot do anything because “YOU CAN STOP USING ELECTRICITY” policy and sole monopoly makes it impossible for all Malaysians to counter.

The Government of the Day is too weak to stop your nonsense. Energy Commission is still trying to stay relevant, police and MACC too busy picking their nose and still does not know that investigation mean talking and getting information on the ground and not sit in a posh office checking through porn movies.

Datuk Seri, it would be good if you can take the trouble to go to the ground and listen what the public has to say and feel. The usual excuse of people tampering with the meters is not acceptable anymore when the truth is that TNB and your slippery staffs are the ones scamming the Rakyat. Year in year out Auditor General has mentioned TNB scam in their reports.

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