Saturday, October 29, 2011

2nd letter to MACC regarding TNB

28th October 2011

Dato Sri Abu Kassim

MACC Chief Commissioner,

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission,

Block D6 Complex D,

Federal Government Administration

P.O. Box 6000,

62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Dear Dato Sri,

Re: SPRM/CPM:20/38/01.30 Jld 2 (81)

This is reference to the above letter which was sent to you personally.

In return your office replied to say that TNB did not commit fraud or abused its position.

So now I am sending you another letter that I wrote to the CEO of TNB.

Dato Sri, it would be good if your staff take their work seriously and do real investigation into TNB. I believe that investigation work is consider proper if the officers go to the ground and not simply sit in the office and decide any complaint to their fancies. I have sent many complaints to you and none had been investigated by your office. Yet I only have to send one letter to Hongkong, Singapore, Australia and London and bingo files are open and investigation done immediately and I even got replies from them and what action were taken.

Dato Sri, if MACC continues to wait for all evidence to fall into your officers’ lap then isn’t it better for them to kick the bucket and let others who are capable and know how to investigate take over. It is sad that in this modern time with so many evidences flying in the air MACC continues to be a dead wood.

This time round I hope that MACC will not simply open another file for the sake of opening and closing it immediately due to sheer laziness and weakness on your leadership.

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah

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