Sunday, May 16, 2010

Having sex with animals

A picture of a man having sex with a squid was among sick images police found on a home computer, magistrates heard yesterday.

They were told Andrew Dymond's machine also contained photos of people having sex with dogs and horses.

Prosecutors amended the charge relating to the squid when it was admitted it could have been an octopus in the picture. The court heard the creature was clearly dead.

Dymond, 46, also faced 14 charges of making indecent images of children.
Having sex with animals is very common in Malaysia. What we do not see and hear, we think it only happens in a Western Society.

I know of girls as young as 12 years and even VVIP women and men in the UMNO elite clan who have sex with their pets.

These are not frustrated spouses whose other half are busy with sex outside their homes. But the enjoyment and thrill of doing something different and having control over.

Many years ago there was a small article in the media about a Datuk's daughter who got stuck while having sex with the pet dog. Help were called in and both the girl and the dog had to go to the hospital. That was when the press got wind of it. Today that girl is still doing the same thing but added human beings of both sexes.

Again many years back I was asked by certain people to have a chat with my very rich friend about his wife behaviour. The story was that his wife would run around the house naked and sometime the woman's daughter (from previous marriage) would bring a dog to her to have sex with. This woman would even use the broom stick and bottle to act out her sex show. All this action were done with curtains open to full view for the guards to enjoy.

A male friend of mine told me over lunch years ago that before his marriage, he used to have sex with meat bought from the market and when he goes back to his kampung, he would have sex with the buffalo in the field. I asked him why he did that and he answered that he was highly sex and his girlfriends then could not tahan the long session with him.

A lady friend recently came back from Hongkong and told me she had a wonderful experience having sex with a snake. She had to pay thousand of dollars to a man who taught her how. I am no snake lover so I cannot comprehend such encounter. But I have seen her in action with her dogs. Do you know that even dogs can get jealous?

I know of 1 bank officer who loves having sex with his kettle. His friends all swear to it and even had the cheek to show me the pictures.

Human beings are weird when it comes to sex.

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