Sunday, December 13, 2009

Immigration Officers are millionaires too.

The headlines in major media are about syndicates using disfigured beggars.

This is not surprising and new. Way back in 1984 many reports were made to the police, welfare and media but it was never important enough for a need to investigate and put a stop to it.

Back then if a data base was set up to collect actual figure it would have run into close to a million missing children. Many of these children were kidnapped in front of their homes, playground, schools and shopping complexes. I myself have witness more than fifty cases then but each time the police just did not bother to even file in their reports.

Many of these syndicates pay good money to immigration officers up north to close their eyes. These children are kept in a tight hole for a month before they are send to the neighbouring countries to beg. Each child must bring in certain amount of money before they are given food for the day. Anyone who fail to collect the sum as indicated for the day would be punished. Cutting off limbs and disfigure are the most brutal form of punishment when repeated offenses such as running away, stealing from the syndicates and as a lesson to other to work harder. Once a person is deem not workable they are then sold off to the next syndicate where their organs are sold in the black market.

Many immigration officers are millionaires like the late ex-Deputy IGP Jaafar whose wealth are from these sins. The problem lies with our Government leaders who are weak and sinful themselves not to stop this lucrative business.

My neighbour is a part-time beggar too. She is the second wife for a taxi driver who has strong connection with Subang Jaya UMNO branch leader. Three to four days a week her husband would pick her together with a blind woman they would head for Malacca to beg. Each day collection is divided into three equally and the amount could be from RM300 to RM2,500 for just 8 hours of begging.

Now that this country is in recession I believe many of us too are thinking of begging as our source of income to support our family.

This government MUST STOP distributing good money to rich and spoil kids who do not need loan or APs.

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