Sunday, August 9, 2009

A non-Malay Prime Minister not improbable

What we need is for the majority of members of parliament to elect a non-Malay as Prime Minister and then submit the proposal to the King. The constitution allows such a change. But the Malays form the majority race in the country and hence the non-Malays should double their efforts – as my father (Mahathir) urged earlier to increase the population to 70 million. This is what Mukhriz Mahathir said.
Now this is what I have to say - there are 70% Muslim in this country inclusive the ones who convert to divorce or to get business like Vincent Tan the neither here or there Muslim who still eat dog meat, pork and drink alcohol. As for the so-called Malay race, how do you define the mixed parentage. Until the Government can accept this mixed parentage as Full pledge Malay, then my dear young lad Mukhriz, this country had succeeded in 18 million Malays excluding the bastards running loose inside and outside this country. To achieve 70 million Malays when this country population stands at 23 million is like asking Mukhriz to suck his father’s dick.

In order for this country to follow the like of US to elect a Black Man as the President of USA we must first follow the rule of acceptance by giving the all important posts like Finance, Education, Defence and Foreign Trade to non-Malays. Without this thinking one can continue to dream and dream till Kingdom come, non-Malays cannot be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The only person that is capable of achieving this small hope for the people is none other than Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This country is lucky to have him open our eyes and soul to remind us that we can change this country for the future. DSAI will not be the PM of this country but he is the FATHER OF REFORM, which history will hail and remember his legacy.

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