Saturday, August 15, 2009

The full force of Malaysian LIARS.

At Karpal Singh’s Sedition Trial.

RTM reporter Eliani Mazlan, 26, a graduate in broadcast journalism from Universiti Teknologi Mara in Shah Alam,did not know which political party lawyer Karpal Singh belonged to.

Eliani Mazlan also did not know Anwar is the Advisor for PKR.

Eliani Mazlan did not fully comprehend the contents in her press release.

Eliani Mazlan said she could not remember everything.

Eliani Mazlan said she is an inexperience reporter and the course she took at the Universiti did not cover reading law. Neither does she understand the two case laws that were included in Karpal Singh’s press release.

Eliani Mazlan said her English is only average.

Next, Utusan Malaysia reporter Mohd Nizam Mohamad Yatim, 38.

Mohd Nizam said he was not sure which/who was the reporter at the media conference had asked if a legal action included suing the Sultan.

Mohd Nizam said he was not sure Karpal Singh had actually said that a Ruler can be sued for his role in removing a mentri besar during a media conference.

Mohd Nizam testified he did not know or bother to find out what Karpal Singh was charged with.

Mohd Nizam does not know the meaning of Ultra Vires.

At Teoh Beng Hock Inquest

Pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim imaginary suicide theory.

Dr Khairul did not measure Teoh’s shoes.

Dr Khairul did not measure how far the left shoe from the Teoh’s body because he did not have a measuring tape.

Dr Khairul did not test the shoe for fingerprints because his laboratory did not have the facilities and had thought the police would have done it.

Dr Khairul forgot to direct the police to conduct that test.

Dr Khairul said that visually there was nothing to indicate a man weighs 70kg and fallen nine floors down can have a strong impact and that the shoe can fly off without leaving any marks but if a forensic scientist examined it thoroughly he may have found something.

Dr Khairul demonstrated how Teoh could have step out of the window before falling to his death. He agrees that there were no footprints or hand prints to substantiate his theory. To further insult himself, he said the prints may be there, he looked but did not see any.

Next is the best part. On the DNA fo the “unknown male”. Dr Khairul believed, mind you believed that contamination may have occurred when we placed him on the autopsy table and when we took off his clothes before we conducted the post-mortem.

Dr Khairul said there were no signs of struggle and the MACC pen was still in Teoh’s pocket.

C/Insp Mazli Jusoh said he did not look for fingerprints on Teoh’s body because there were no instructions given.

DSP Shahrul Othman Mansor from the Cheras Royal Malaysian Police Forensic Laboratory, testified that he had detected a faint nine-inch shoe print on the window shoulder, but he did not find out whose print it was.

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