Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Federal Terrorist (Territories) Minister

For the past couple of months I thought this Nong Chik was God send. But yesterday he had to show his true colour. Alas what a let down.

Back to this incredible loss of RM100 million for just a couple of hours of protest where the usual blue dogs created riot against our human rights. I hope that UMNO Youth would have the guts to get the traders to sue. Don’t talk.

Since Najib took over the premiership, businesses everywhere had gone down by at least 50%. Everyone knows that Najib had to take care of his families, then the Royalties, Mahathir and sons, then the UMNO elite who were all on the verge of bankruptcy. Whatever cash, businesses etc....................Najib had his hands full. Plus with the murder of Altantuya by his wife Rosmah and other hideous crimes known by FBI, Scotland Yard and other agencies. Who wants to do business here? Added to that, Musa, Gani, Ahmad Said, Zaki and Zambry are blocking Najib’s path too. Well Najib deserve to have these idiots.

Now back to business. I had been going to Chow Kit, Sogo, TAR, Masjid India, Petaling Street, Sungei Wang, KLCC and Bangsar for business survey since January till now. I noticed a steady drop in business monthly for all these areas. Traders who used to earn RM400 per day were now if lucky gets RM60 per day. Those in the food business that was getting RM4,000 per day now gets around RM600 per day. So can Nong Chik explain in details how he got the magic number RM100 million, from which sky? Nong Chik do not give extended excuses for your stupidity and have the decency to apologize to the public.

We are nobody’s fools and we have better class than your lowlife boss.

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