Friday, April 25, 2008

16 year woes

If you are staying in Taman Maluri you will have encounter the constant flood whenever it rains. Residents have complained to the relevant authorities like the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Federal Minister, Alam Flora and the contractor for Maluri area. I have personally invited the Mayor and the Federal Minister by registered posts to come personally to see one of the major complaints of the residents. But the almighty lords think it is beneath their position to see the problem themselves. They instead sent someone from Alam Flora who do not understand the situation and blame others and red tape. I believe those big bosses can only work if they are answerable to the people. Right now their appointments are obtained on how well they can lick the PM and DPM dicks.

Taman Maluri was once a Tin Mining area. So understandable the soil are softer. The contractors that build these houses were the last of the best workers. As time goes on with more development there are bound to be movement on the ground. The task for checking the conditions of the drains every year falls on DBKL. It is their job. But government servants knowing they can never be sack became lazy. They can only work if you place a couple of RM on their palm.

The movement on the ground have sifted the drains, trees planted with big and long roots have cause cracks. The water in the drains along Jln Wira had remain stagnant for the past 16 years because of bottleneck outlet. To worsen the situation the night market traders throw their oil and rubbish into the drain. I have propose that the night market be transfer to the market area with ample parking space which is 1/2 km, a mere 2 mins away. But do they listen. NO NO NO

Check on You Tube 16 years woes

16 years I have faithfully sent letters to the Mayor and later to the Federal Minister asking, pleading and begging them to replace the drains along Jln Wira without getting any response except for one occasion. A worker from Alam Flora base in Cheras came. He saw me and gave all kind of excuses that cheese me off. I told him that if I wanted the drains to be clean I can summon 20 Alam Flora workers and all the contractors from Selangor will be happy to do the job without questions. The problem lies with the damaged drains. Water cannot flow through so it spill into the houses's compound and all the roads at Jln Wira. Since Jln Wira is a main road something must be done quickly. Rama the contractor for Taman Maluri is one diligent guy that no matter how small or big the problem he will do it with a smile and quick. He had also spoken to the drainage department people in DBKL and got the usual answer ok will do, laterlah, aiyah putrajaya flooding alsolah etc.......

It started with just an inch of water in the compound and subside within 1/2 an hour, now after 16 years the water level is 1 foot and it takes 6 hours and for the past one week at least 10 hours to subside. My 20 varieties of vegetables, 5 water melon plants, 2 herb plants and 20 varieties flowers vanishes with the daily dosage of flood in my garden. Now I fear for the structure of my house.

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