Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mahathir is no DemiGod

After GE14 many people are in cohort opinion that Mahathir is DemiGod.

My friends worship Mahathir for he is the only one who knows how to run this nation.  Whatever he does is right.  People still believe he is no longer the old Mahathir but a new man with an honest mission to save this nation. 

Mahathir had only changed in appearance but his goal is to ensure his children escape from bankruptcy and become billionaire once more.  Mahathir and Daim must be the luckiest father in the world whereby their children can become bankrupt not once but several times and each time heaven help them.  Somewhere along the many lives Mahathir and Daim were reborn to, they must have been monks to receive such grace from God.

GE14 PH won because the people had no other choice.  Everyone was fed up with Najib and Rosmah.  Had Najib stepped down just before GE14, UMNO would still be the king maker today.  For this we have to give thanks to greedy Najib and Rosmah. 

The ground work started by Anwar when he was kicked out from the UMNO government should be applaud.  For this one must admit that Invoke which was the brain child of Rafizi helped greatly.

Najib and Rosmah till today have not adjusted and still remain naive that Malaysia is theirs for the taking.

It is the Tun Razak’s curse and karma that Najib and his family members are shamed in public.  When one do wrong, one has to be punish for it.  Till today Najib and Rosmah have not apologize to us for their wrong doing, as such their children and grand-children will be made to share the shame in public in the future.

Mahathir’s karma was the shameful attack thrown at him and his family members before GE14.  But has Mahathir learnt from it.  The answer is NO.

Before 100 days is over US$16.91 billion was stolen and transferred out from Bank Negara to four foreign countries.  So who are the people responsible for this heist?  No one is asking this in parliament?  I do not expect much from UMNO or MCA politicians since they do not read or interested as their main concern is who will fill their rice bowl again.  But what about those loud mouth bloggers, activists and NGOs.  On one hand one scream why no action were taken against 1MDB or NFC or Felda but quiet as a mouse regarding the recent loss of US$16.91 billion.  If one were to multiple by 3.8 we are looking at RM64.26 billion loss to us but gain to the thieves.  

Mahathir knows, Daim knows, Zeti knows, Yakob knows, Bank Negara knows, MACC knows, PDRM knows, AG knows, Economists knows, in fact all bankers and the Jews know yet, Malaysians are too afraid to voice out.  WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD?  We are talking and looking at New Malaysia but the stealing and corruption by new set mix with old thieves working hand in hand is now again a normal thing.  So we get rid of one set of crooks and replace them with old and new thieves.  

Malaysia Boleh indeed.

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