Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fuck Jakim

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How can one restructure a mountain back when the whole place has been flatten? 

Jakim forty years ago and today are totally different in many ways.  Today the whole organisation are run by Islamic Freaks who dictate and run our lives according to their fancies.  And if there is any objections against Jakim, one is taken in to be brain wash in a remote place in the jungle of Terengganu or Kelantan where no one can find you.

Today Jakim fund Malays to be terrorists.

Tahfiz schools are funded by Jakim and all the schools do not have licence nor is there any safety gadgets put in place for the students safety.  The schools teaches children to use toy guns to shoot so called kafir figures pasted on cardboards.  Most of these figures are politicians who are non Muslim.  Then twice a month children line up to take turns to behead cats and mice with a sharpen knives.
This is the kind of schools most favour among the Malays today.  Educated parents or not, they simply adore and worship such schools and the way the children are being taught.  To the Malays, these are the children who will be the first liner in any holy war.

About 16 years ago, Jakim started an extensive program to stimulate the growth of Muslim in this country.  The first group of people were the homeless, those who depend on welfare and recently retired workers.  One gets RM2,000 upon conversion, a monthly allowances of RM250 – RM300 is given monthly for life.  If one were to attend the course in Jakim then an allowance of RM2,000 per month is given till it finishes.  And if one wants to set up a business, help is given in terms of easy loan.  Most of the loan need not be return if one can service the desire of the officers in charge of your case.  The borrowers can be female or male, it does not matter as the officers in Jakim love to have sex with both sexes.  Once in a while the chosen borrowers are brought to Jamil Khir, Zahid Hamidi, Army camp and certain Yellow House to service the Masters.

Jakim is running a very profitable business in selling the Halal certificate.  There is a standard fee but the officers always demand for extras.  The extras are given outside the country.  Most time the amount differ according to the position of the officers and how many are sharing the extras.  Once an International Company had to pay for 3 Jakim officers to stay in a five star hotel during their inspection of the factory.  The officers brought their girlfriends along.  The officers demanded for AU$3,000 gambling money each.  Shopping spree amounted to AU$10,000.  What happened next was unspeakable and immoral of the 3 Jakim officers on their return from the inspection, they demanded for RM100,000 before a Halal certificate is given.  Their excuse was Jamil Khir wanted his share.


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