Monday, June 4, 2018

After GE14, Malaysia cannot afford to bungle again

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With over RM1 trillion in debts, we need to right all wrong and put those thieves inside Sungei Buloh for life.

Many Malaysians queue for hours to vote so that we can change the government who mismanaged the country for self-interest.

Malaysia has over 1.5 million government servants against a population of 34 million citizens.

During UMNO time people like Shahrizat and her husband Salleh can walk into AG office to dictate how the NFC case should be handle in court.  Why?  Behind the scene lies a certain sum that was transferred to a foreign bank plus a Kazakhstan mistress was gifted to the AG.

Nedim Nazri was never charged for the murder of Darren Kang because Nazri and the AG were buddies in crime for prostitution and drugs.

The case of an invisible Mongolian girl by the name of Altantuya who never entered Malaysia but got bombed in the jungle of Malaysia on the instruction of Najib and Rosmah. Apparently the last person who spoke violently to Altantuya was Rosmah Mansor.  What did the AG do? Nothing because a billion ringgit project fell onto his lap.

What about Teoh Beng Hock death?  Hishamuddin of MACC was responsible for the murder but was he ever prosecuted?  Hishamuddin patted AG with RM2 million.  Can someone explain how Hishamuddin saved that RM2 million?

The Indian Auctioneer cum Ah Long Taiko in Taman Maluri takes good care of DBKL officers and police stations nearby by monthly gifts with all kinds of fruits and allowances.  Is this not bribe?  Nothing is free without gain.

Many Malay Judges for the past 20 years have stop writing judgements.  Why?  Because none of them know how to write nor can they read a page without falling to asleep. This is a serious case but does Chief Justice bother.  Chief Justice spent his time fucking Russian and Kazakhstan girls, involve in projects here and there and butt licking leaders and Royalty.  Every two months Chief Justice is overseas fucking, gambling and shopping where got time to do work.

If one were to look, question and listen one can get many information about our corrupted system which for a long time no one has bother to right all wrong.  What most people do is talk cock.

Talking cock has become a culture in Malaysia. 

Today we Malaysians have changed the government.  But it is not enough.  We need to trust and support fully our choice of Government to right all wrong for the next 2 years or a full term. 
AG should be given to the right person who has the credential to be firm, just and a reader.

The rights of only a certain RACE and RELIGION has no place in Malaysia if we need to clean up the MESS of the OLD GOVERNMENT.

AG should be a person to serve 34 million Rakyat.

AG cannot be allow to serve a handful of Royalty and buddies in crime.

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