Monday, May 1, 2017

The Unwanted One

Trump Personally Invites S'pore, Philippine, Thai Leaders To White House. Najib Can Roll In The Mud With Zakir Naik. Haa Haa Haa !

Folks, do you all know that in eight long years Obama never invited Najib to the White House even once ? Inside people say that the morons tried very hard to get Najib invited to the White House. 

But even the lobbyist Mr White (who is black) could not help. And now Donald Trump is also not inviting Najib to the White House.

Instead Trump has personally invited Lee Hsien Loong, President Duterte from Manila and Thai PM Chan O-cha to come visit him at the White House.

So far no invitations for moron.
Then in November, Trump is visiting the Philippines and Vietnam (for the US-ASEAN Summits.
It is possible that Trump may make stops in Singapore and Jakarta. Trump will not be coming to KL or inviting moron over to the White House.

Naughty people suggest that by November, moron's pornographic movie making step son may be issued a warrant of arrest by the DOJ over that 1MDB case.

Maybe by that time they would also have publicly identified MOI.  So Trump will not want to embarrass himself by inviting or visiting MOI. 

Then there are issues like Malaysia providing refuge for terror linked fugitives like Zakir Naik.  Or banning 12 year old kids from chess tournaments because their clothes  appeared seductive.  

In general, normal and sane people will avoid mixing with morons.

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