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10 - Sen Man

And now… the 10-sen library

 | January 28, 2017
The man behind the 10-sen ambulance, the 10-sen taxi and the 10-sen market for the poor has just hit on another 10-sen idea — a library for poor children in Bukit Jalil.
PETALING JAYA: Kuan Chee Heng made news when he started providing important services to the poor at just 10 sen.
His newest project after his 10-sen ambulance is a public library for children in Bukit Jalil.
But while his previous 10-sen projects were subsidising higher-cost products and services down to a dime, this is the first time he is actually charging money for something people can get free: a public library. Why?
The 54-year-old told FMT it’s because he believes people don’t really appreciate what they get for free.
“It’s only 10 sen. The money’s not for me. All goes back to the library. The amount to be collected will not even be enough to run the library,” he said.
But what if people say he’s just got carried away with his brand of 10 sen for everything?
“I am not doing this for fame,” he replied, adding that the project was named 10-sen library because it’s easy to remember.
“The 10-sen library project is a Malaysian project. I am just the point man to make sure it gets completed. Contribution in kind, cash and expertise came from the public,” he added.
Kuan added that the nearest public library to Bukit Jalil is also far, about 9km away.
“There’s the issue of money and safety. Would you allow your children as young as seven to travel to the library that far?”
With the 10-sen library on home turf, parents will be at ease knowing that their children are safe and closer to home, he said.
A vacant unit below a block of hardcore poor flats of PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil will be converted into the library. The renovation is on now.
City Hall has allowed Kuan to operate the library at the unit for free.
A half a thousand new books have also been secured for the project.
The library will be opened from morning until 10pm every day and it will cater to the poor children as young as seven to 17 years old.
Kuan said someone will be hired to take care of the library and to keep an eye on the children there.
“We want the library not just as a place to read and doing homework but also a centre where the children can seek help when they are in trouble,” said Kuan.
The 10-sen projects which he has already up and running are the 10-sen market, a 10-sen ambulance service and a 10-sen taxi service.
The 10-sen market takes place at the PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil every month. The poor can buy items at 10 sen each. The 10-sen taxi caters to the poor and needy people in Puchong, Seri Kembangan and the nearby areas.
Before the library, his latest project was the 10-sen ambulance. It’s operated in the rural area of Kedah, Puchong and Seri Kembangan.
The projects were funded by the public.
“Without the kind Malaysians and friends, I will not be able to this,” Kuan said.
I met Kuan couple years back and I am awe by such a humble man who has more to give than what he owns.
At that time I was curious whether Kuan would be like most so-called generous charitable people whom I have helped and supported in my life, had ill intention to enrich himself.
To the ones I have supported and helped for the past 40 years, none were genuine.  Kuan was the exceptional one.
Unlike others, Kuan did not get sponsors to donate money to buy a building for himself.  He did not make use of Homeless people to gain fortune, fame and title.  He did not make use of any government agencies or private companies to enrich himself.
I stand SALUTE to humble Kuan and may all his projects for the poor bring happiness and hope for the Rakyat.

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