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Beware of Sex Maniac Bus Driver

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PLEASE SHARE: Last night I went through one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I was the only passenger on a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. The trip lasted around 5 hours and I was sitting about 10 rows back. The bus had the lights switched off since it was night time
Towards the end of the trip, when we had reached Singapore (around 2am), the driver asked where I wanted to be dropped off so I went toward the front to let him know. He then stopped the bus, and asked if I was alone, if I didn’t have any friends, got up and followed me to the back where I was sitting and said to me “You sleep here, in bus with me”, at the beginning I thought it was an innocent old man trying to be funny or sweet. but he kept on insisting. And i naively just smiled and simply said “no, I need to be dropped off at x place.”
He then started telling me “you’re cute, you sleep here, you’re cute, you sleep here with me” “kiss me, kiss me” repeatedly. At this point the bus was still dark, the door was closed and he was sitting next to me trying to force himself on me, trying to kiss me and touching my body everywhere. I was terrified and wrestled with him as much as I could, but I was so fearful, I had no idea what he was capable of and was afraid of more aggression from him. I pushed him away as hard as my fear let me and said NO.
I know I felt violated to have my body touched in such a forceful and unwanted way, but I feel lucky that he left me alone and I believe it was only because of God’s grace he gave up, went back to his seat and nothing else happened to me.
He then, kept driving. I asked him to let me out and he wouldn’t so I asked a bit more sternly to let me off the bus and said “let me out!” as he continued to say “you sleep here, you sleep here with me” and asking me to sit closer to him.
Finally, after a while, he did, he dropped me off at some random apparently not so safe neighborhood where hookers hang out.
Thank God I was able to get a cab and get home safe and was able to take a picture of his face and of his bus. So wherever you are traveling alone, beware of this man and of this bus company.
I was lucky, but perhaps others haven’t been or won’t be in the future if they find this man along their way, so please share this so no one is ever put in this horrible and terrifying situation ever againKKKL Travel & Tours Delima Singapore Pte Ltd


MalaysianFirst said...

My personal GPS record a neck breaking speed of about 230 kilometer per hour on one trip to the Republic, with the same bus company. Always have a habit of turning on the GPS recorder when taking any trip. If I die in the crash, hopefully someone might recover the GPS recording!

Lodged two reports, the police in the republic could not do anything since the "alleged crime" (speeding) was committed outside of Singapore. Made another report, in Malaya. No follow-up from the police force in Malaya, for years!. Complained to the company, my mail was RECEIVED & READ but no reply came back. How do I know? Another habit of demanding for message receipts (SENT & READ receipt). The mail server received my mail, hence the SENT receipt. Someone must have clicked on my mail, hence the READ receipt. Why no reply, for years? I still have my ORIGINAL records, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!

I rather detour to Larkin bus station, then take another bus; either Malaysia-Singapore express or board service 170 from SBS into the republic!

I dun trust DELIMA!

The way a MALAY company works in the MALAYAN system…… excellent at plaigarism, corruption, scandals, bribes, trampling dissidents, environment, safety and labour, then, taking customers for a ride, I am not at all surprised that they are not doing well at all!

p.s. another komplen...smoking by the bus driver, I can smell minute amount of tobacco. Allergic to the substance! Made complains to the company but ZERO follow ups!

MalaysianFirst said...

CONFIRMED, found my recorded data, after all these years!

Incident date = 25th October 2012, Thursday...

Recorded journey = 03 hours 04 minutes 02 second,
Travel time = 1650~2004 (should be 5 PM trip back into the Republic)
215km into Singapore, south bound...
(must have gone up to Melaka for a vacation)
Recorded average speed = 66.5 km/h
Recorded distance = 251 km
Recorded maximum speed = 117 km/h

(suspect to happen between km-170 to km-171,
33 seconds to cover the distance of one kilometer....
ought to be somewhere on the highway...where else can I be?
highly suspect somewhere in the state of Johore, not the town!)

Recorded plate number = BKV 2933
Bus operator = DELIMA

Correction 1 = not 240 km/h as stated but actually 117 km/h, as indicated via my GPS recorder. Maximum speed on the highway should be 110, unless I am mistaken! I am rarely mistaken. In the case error, on my part, I can always refer to my 'recorded data' to VERIFY & CORRECT any argument! (End all argument!)

Correction 2 = not Malaysia-Singapore Express but actually Johor-Singapore Express or something like that (b'cos I rarely took any Malayan public bus service!)

p.s. I always travel via SBS service 170, towards Victoria street bus terminal, all the way. Or I could just walk into the republic and board any service towards the Victoria street bus terminal. (Love the extra exercise, after hours of sitting on my bum!)

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