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Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association

About Macma
Society Registration Number: 1964/94
The Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (Macma) was registered on 8 September, 1994.
To focus on Welfare, Preaching and Missionary work. Fulfill Strategically Important Role to the Nation and Muslims of Malaysia
(The Best Community of People)
Achieve both in Organizational Structure and Stature as an Outstanding Islamic N.G.O.
Organize and implement Islamic activities with all-out efforts to contribute to the
formation and realization of : khairul ummah
• Enhance Awareness, Disseminate Islamic Information and Develop the Teachings of Islam.
- Implement Islamic Activities as well as Co-ordinate, Co-operate and collaborate with others.
• Build and Develop with Integrity: A Capable Malaysian Chinese Muslim Community.
- Enhance and cement the close relationship amongst all Muslims in Malaysia.
• To conduct Study, Training and organise Seminars to improve members’ understanding and practice of Islam
- To build/support Islamic Cultural Centres for Chinese Muslims and Mosques with Chinese architecture
To Plan, organise and establish Islamic economic activities, Trust and Welfare Funds
• To establish a united, strong and respected Malaysian Chinese community
To represent the Malaysian Chinese Muslims in affairs related to their welfare and their interests
Malaysia is a very sick country.  We love corruption. We love it when others abuse us physically and spiritually.  We don’t use common sense.  Best of all Religion and Race are used as a weapon to overcome our short coming.

Our Laws are changeable depending on circumstances, connections and money.

Our Leaders can be bought with projects and money.  Some even Title.

In short everything has a price if you got the money to pay.

Today White Collar crimes are not surprising neither does it come as a shock unlike a century ago.

Do you know that every 2 minutes a person dies in Malaysia.
Similarly every 2 minutes a crime is committed in Malaysia.

Today white collar crime is number 1.
The reason being PDRM, MACC, AG, Sultans and our Politicians are fully pledged criminals.

In Malaysia the Law has become a party joke.

When a person steal a packet of milo for his child he is charged and immediately put behind bars.
When a politician steal millions or billions he/she is never charged and is allow to harass the whistleblower.
When a civil servant steal millions he/she is still employed and allowed to travel round the world.
When NGOs committee steal money meant for the association they are never charged at all.

People who rule NGOs like Thalassemia, Malaysian Association for the Blind and Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association always misuse their position, donation, sponsorship and aid from Government for their families instead of the people concern.  These crooks use people to live well.

When I was first persuaded to join MACMA, I was introduced to two men whom I knew would one day misused their position inside the association.  Since then I refused to be active in the association till last year when I was asked to help find a solution for a hot issue.  I believe nothing happens without a reason.

So it came as no surprise that donation, sponsorship and aids from Government for MACMA members traveled a different route.

Yes, a police report has been make and the Inspector warned that from experience, people involved in white collar crime have several accounting books which even MACC have difficulty in obtaining unless the sum involved is big and Forensic Accounting is necessary.

What is the objective of MACMA?

I posted this in the whatsapp group and not a single person could answer.  Instead 53 verses and verses of nonsense which has got nothing to do with MACMA were shared.  I did not asked to be enlighten with the teaching of people who are not qualified to be Preachers or Teachers.  At the end of the nonsense they write I have been forgiven.  Forgiven for what?

If one were to go into the whatsapp group one can divide the chat into three groups.

One - the religious freak who will post verses and verses of nonsense because they want to show off they great understanding of Islam.
Two – the scam or sales talk.
Three – the ones without common sense.  These are the ones who will ask whether it is haram or halal to attend their own parent’s funeral.  Religion should never come into Family Affair.  Without your parents one would never have been born.  If one is born a Chinese, one will also die a Chinese.  It is the Religion that changes. There are many other silly questions which a 6 years can give a better answer.  I leave it as that since people without common sense cannot be taught.

If I am not wrong there are at least 2,000 MACMA members.  But not many can go to the new office in Phileo Damansara.  Whoever has an interest in the office must be laughing all the way to the bank because it has become an exclusive club for people who has the means and car.

As an NGO, one should always consider the interest of its members.  Most of MACMA members are below the middle class so their main transport are bus and lrt.  But when one is without a car one has no choice but to take the taxi.  With today high cost of living how many people can afford the fare.

The Objective written above:
Plan, organise and establish Islamic economic activities, Trust and Welfare Funds.
To represent the Malaysian Chinese Muslims in affairs related to their welfare and their interests.

Sometime back a child was sick and many were asked to donate for the cause into MACMA Bank account.  But the child’s parent did not receive all the donation instead it was diverted to Yayasan Yara and others. Today those involved are working overtime to cover their shit because donation are still coming in.

This year also see some members losing their love ones.  No one from the committee took the trouble to pay a visit to the family, neither were prayers offered.  In time of death and hospitilization moral support is very important so does money. Sadly the only one who make an effort was also sick at that time and eventually passed away.

I also understand many members are in need of health care because of chronic diseases, mental illness and divorces, yet nothing has been done.  Many also are in need of money to live, again no one sitting in the committee are committed to help find a solution.

So my question again is ‘WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF MACMA?”

Many love to be in the committee to boost their status in society. A crying shame to claim NON PROFIT ORGANISATION AT THE SAME TIME LOOKING AFTER OWN INTEREST.

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