Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Public support

Felicia NgJB Traffic, Road Block & Potholes Report
Location : Tmn Daya - CIMB & PUBLIC BANK. Another brother at Danga Bay
Time : Sunday - Thursday (6pm - 10pm)
Friday - Saturday (2pm - 11pm)
(Public Bank's location)
Sunday-Thursday (8pm-11.30pm)
Friday-Saturday (2pm - 11.30pm)
(CIMB Bank's location)
Sunday - Thursday (8pm - 11pm)
Friday - Saturday (3.30pm - 11.30pm)
(Danga Bay's location)
I saw this poor boy sitting by CIMB Bank's corridor with hot scorching sun shinning on him.
ME: "Aren't you hot?"
The poor boy : "No" (but indeed the scorching hot sun was all over him)
ME : "Why are you selling these crackers here?"
(Pls read full details in 1 of the picture below).
ME : "Are you schooling?"
The poor boy : "Yes at SMK Taman Daya"
ME : "Then how?"
The poor boy : "I sell before I go to school on weekdays & during weekend will be aft 1pm till 11pm"
ME : "If you didn't sell finish, you can't go home is it?"
The poor boy : "Yes" & nodding his head
So I bought all the 30 packets of crackers from him & offer to send him home only to found out his younger brother (10 years old) is selling at PUBLIC Bank Taman Daya and 1 more elder brother at Danga Bay.
How do you feel if it was YOUR OWN KID that need to go through this adult livelihood at this tender age with no happy childhood at all?
So, if anyone happened to be around there, pls support them by buying 1 or 2 packets. TQ & pls SHARE it out so more people can reach out to them....
* All his crackers were delicious!!

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