Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Muslim claimed Najib is Allah


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flyer168 said...

"A Muslim claimed Najib is Allah"


In Islam Allah is the Almighty & no living human can be equated with Allah...

Yes indeed.

I suppose it is "Pay-back" time for this Minister - you help me, I help you...

"When Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister was greeted like a hero at the Riverside Cafe in the Putra World Trade Centre, one couldn’t really decide who was more stupid and feckless.

Was it Ismail with his recent call to boycott Chinese traders? Or the Umno-Baru Malays who cannot distinguish between a hero and a cad?

Ismail is another mediocre politician, amongst Najib Abdul Razak’s ministerial line-up.

Like most Umno-Baru ministers, he was selected, not for his intelligence, nor ability to foster race relations and instill confidence among the rakyat.

He was nominated to make Najib appear relatively able, competent and moderate.

Ismail ignores the fact that he serves a multicultural Malaysian rakyat, but in reality, Umno-Baru ministers are not bothered about whom they serve.

They are more interested in serving their own interests: lining their pockets, buying their bolt hole in London, Perth or Melbourne, making sure their children and mistresses are well provided for, with job security and luxury homes. They ensure their nest eggs are safely tucked away in offshore accounts.

The other characteristic of the Umno-Baru MP is the degree of racism he espouses.

Umno-Baru ministers are not too bright, and equate everything with a race element. Thus, when the price of goods is high, they immediately blame “race”, and in Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’, the punching bag for everything that goes wrong is the Chinese.

Another characteristic of Umno-Baru MPs is the speed with which they backpedal, once they are caught with their pants around their ankles..."

Dec 14, 2013 Jovian & Nina: Solemnisation -

Majlis Bersiram, Khatam Quran dan Majlis Pernikahan Jovian dan Nina Sabri di Muzium Istana Negara Kuala Lumpur pada 11 Disember 2013.

You be the judge.

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