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Nationwide alert for Ridzwan Sulaiman

Individu dikenali Datuk Seri Ridzwan Sulaiman dikehendaki bantu siasatan pencerobohan Lahad Datu LAHAD DATU: Polis kini mencari seorang individu dikenali sebagai Datuk Seri Ridzwan Sulaiman bagi membantu siasatan berhubung pencerobohan pengganas Sulu di Lahad Datu, baru-baru ini. Individu terbabit yang juga Yang Dipertua Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al Ehsan Islamiah Malaysia berasal dari Georgetown, Pulau Pinang dipercayai mempunyai maklumat penting mengenai percerobohan itu.

Justeru, Pesuruhjaya Polis Sabah, Datuk Hamza Taib meminta individu terbabit menyerah diri atau orang ramai yang mempunyai maklumat mengenai Ridzwan supaya tampil membantu polis di mana-mana balai polis berhampiran.

Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang media di sini, sebentar tadi.~ BH
Ini antara gambar yang diambil dari FB : Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Ehsan Islamiah Malaysia

Thumb up for Chegu Bard

SHAH ALAM, 31 MAC : Penyelaras Kebangsaan Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chegu Bard mengumumkan tidak akan bertanding dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke 13.
Sebaliknya menurut aktivis anak muda yang semakin popular itu, beliau bersedia bergerak sebagai jentera biasa bagi membangkitkan kesedaran rakyat melawan regim Umno-BN.
“Mengajak semua peringkat pro perubahan bersatu dan menolak prasangka, saya dengan ini menegaskan untuk tidak bertanding dalam PRU-13 dan sedia menjadi jentera biasa.
“Komrad SAMM percaya anak muda cita-citanya harus tidak singkat hanya untuk bergelar YB. Tetapi cita-cita kami ialah mencipta secara perubahan total yang akan dibaca generasi mendatang,” ujar Badrul Hisham.
Pada masa ini menurut Badrul Hisham, SAMM akan meneruskan pelbagai program yang telah dirancang termasuk menyusun kerja dan startegi golongan muda untuk berdepan dengan Umno-BN dalam pilihan raya nanti.
“Saya tidak punya jawatan da…

Caught red handed in Port Dickson

So who was this little bird that was caught with 1Malaysia Transformer?????????????????????

Sultanate of Sulu's home in Sabah


Sunday enjoyment


Get rid of UMNO Baru for the brains to come home

A house is not a homeElza Irdalynna | March 29, 2013 Like parents so caught up in chasing wealth, our rulers have abandoned us, and left little reason for true patriotism. COMMENT By the time this article comes out, a close friend of mine will be getting ready to leave the country. Newlywed and pregnant, she will be joined by her entire family to migrate to Australia after obtaining their permanent resident status they applied for nearly a decade ago.
She isn’t the first of my friends to start their lives anew in another country, and she won’t be the last. And while they will be terribly missed, can we really blame them for choosing to leave?
Statistics keep showing an increase of Malaysians migrating with each passing year. The brain drain is a true problem in this country, as more and more of our creative and intellectual minds leave, never to return.
Many factors come into play, but at the core of it all, they leave because this land has c…

Proven reasons WHY UMNO BARU is finish

MCA, Gerakan, PPP and MIC why you NO SPEAK EH???????????????????????
We are Malaysians.  Without us there is no Malaysia.
Malays are also PENDATANG.
The first race that came to Malaya were the Chinese, follow by Indians.  Then the Malays.
Orang Asli have more right to claim this land for they are the origin of this country.

6th April 2013 will be worse than this

Mahathir already instructed Ibrahim Ali to get his dogs to start a riot before election. This month it was Lahad Datu and next month Selangor. So history will once again repeat itself.
The attack will be on the Chinese and places of worship.
So be alert and have your camera ready.
Sultan of Selangor and the Islamic Council fully support Perkasa on 6th April 2013.
Together we must pray for strength and miracle that UMNO/BN will lose their power in the coming 13th GE.

New generation from UMNO Baru


Malays are forced to watch Tanda Putera, others simply watch this

Watch this to see the similarity of happenings today from the past.
As long as Mahathir is not in jail, we the Rakyat will be divided at every turn.
Hishamoo has threatened us with his lies that the Rakyat want a riot before election. And he is in support of Perkasa, Silat group and Malay NGOs especially Ibrahim Ali of creating tension on the streets.  Take 6th April 2013 for example.  Why is no-one stopping the mad Malays from holding a protest in Selangor?  Why is Sultan of Selangor in support of such a protest. Why is PDRM also in support of such a protest?
This is because they are pariah dogs to Mahathir who wants to keep his sinful wealth.

It is time Perkasa kiss our feet

Mother Teresa once told me that 'People who do useful things are humble.  People who have too much time doing nothing is the cause of world's sorrow and pain.'
And Perkasa has proven day in day out.

Proton a Malaysian failure

Watch this to understand why after donkey years Proton still cannot succeed locally or in the global market.
It is time we get rid of Malay this and Malay that.  We need people with brain not race or religion in any business.

May's miracle


Rosie where are you?


Pakatan Harapan Rakyat


Talent Corp or Talent Corpse? CLASSIC BODOHS!!

My Dear Fellow Malaysians: I am compelled to write to you regarding Talent Corp road show in the U.S.
I have just attended one of their sessions at Marriott, Santa Clara.
The turn-out was good. About 200 Malaysians living in the Bay Area
attended this event hoping to hear what they have to offer. Not surprising the event was a letdown.
Talent Corp. sent amateurs to speak on behalf of Johan Merican, whom was nowhere to be found. The speaker was a young kid, Hidayat, who was very proud to tell the audience that there is nothing wrong with our Malaysian education system, because he graduated from MIT.. Let me say that that this kid was so naive, speaks poor English, has no business acumen, lacks any
respect for Malaysian professionals/audience, and completely has no
understanding of American business etiquette. 
For someone who claims to be MIT graduate and used to work overseas as
a consultant — he definitely did not possess any quality whatsoever.
He failed to mention that he just s…

Don't you dare forget for generation to come


Why everyone running for shelter?


Allow judiciary to review roll

YOU get home after a long day in the office. You notice a stack of envelopes on top of the letter box. Perhaps the postman left it there because he couldn't have fitted them in the small box outside your home. The envelopes are all similar. You count them and there are 26 in all. Each is addressed to a different person whom you do not know. They could not have been previous occupants as you had lived there since it was built.
Out of curiosity, you open one of them. It is a message from a political party extending New Year greetings and other "feel good" messages. You have misgivings of having opened them by which time you had concluded that the names and addresses were from the voters' register. Then, you ask yourself: How come so many people are using my address to register as voters? Don't those in authority ask any questions?
Elsewhere, a man logs on to the website of the Election Commission. He keys in his identity card number and is provided t…

Is this what Hindraf wants?


The Disastrous Consequences Of Inbreeding Among Muslims

1400 years of inbreeding has created an enormous  Mental and Health problem:

Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into a little-known problem in the Muslim world: the disastrous results of inbreeding brought about by the marriage of first-cousins.

This practice, which has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, was sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations (1,400 years) in the Muslim world.

This practice of inbreeding will never go away in the Muslim world, since Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority on all matters, including marriage.  The massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may well have done virtually irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to its intelligence, sanity, and health.

According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred. In Pakistan , the numbers approach 70%. Even in England , more than half of Pakistani immigra…

Clear physical match.

Hottest topic for the week.
Watch 'the Bible.'

Anwar to be killed before 13th GE


Who is Patrick Mirandah?


Get everyone to vote

When was the last time you check your name?
Do it every week till the big day you mark the CROSS.

Zulkifeli Mohd Zin today is not April Fool

Sniper Sulu wanita... kawan cerita, waktu diserbu perempuan ni dalam rumah, komando tembak pakai HK11 mau 2 magazine tapi dia tak mati. Rumah pondok macam nak roboh jak kena tembakan, tapi dia tak apa-apa malah senyum sinis lagi masa kena tahan. ada senjata military sniper ngan dia

#boleh tahan muka... agak scary di waktu malam....

oleh : amRF info dari LVK 

Pengganas Wanita Sulu Yang Berjaya Diberkas Itu? Dikatakan Tidak Mati Ditembak?

DALAM sidang akhbar semalam, kita semua dimaklumkan yang pasukan keselamatan berjaya menembak mati seorang pengganas ketika operasi penggeledahan di Kampung Tanjung Batu pada kira-kira 1.30 tengah hari Rabu, menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan yang maut 63 orang.

Seorang militan wanita berusia lewat 40-an serta tidak bersenjata turut ditahan dalam operasi itu.

Panglima Angkatan Tentera Jen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin berkata kejadian itu susulan daripada pertempuran yang tercetus pada 11.30 pagi yang menyebabkan seorang anggota tentera cedera di jari kiri akibat te…

This bugger is on cloud nine

This bugger said no need to change a government that has brought peace and prosperity for all Malaysians.
What this bugger is not telling is when he was Domestic Trade Minister he called all Chinese and Indian associations to his office and told them to bank in RM1 million each into his private accounts if they want to be in business.
So how much do you think his asking price is now and after he becomes Prime Minister?
Now this bugger is waiting to step into the Premiership at ease with the help of Mahathir Kutty.
But what this bugger refuses to acknowledge is that Mahathir Kutty will kill him off in similar fashion as Tun Fuad Stephens after UMNO Assembly.

We cannot have two Dictators here

Mugabe assured of Malaysia safe haven
By Itai Mushekwe
Malaysia has offered State protection and a safe haven for Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, should he deem it necessary to retire in Asia, Nehanda Radio has been told.
Rumoured to be a bolthole for Robert Mugabe, court papers have revealed this R200 million compound, is being built by Robert Mhlanga in South Africa Kuala Lumpur is also a strong destination of choice for Mugabe and his young family, in the likely event that Zimbabwe descends into political anarchy after the pending June elections, or should civil mayhem reign supreme if the 89 year old decides to leave office.
“Your leader (Mugabe) can permanently locate to Malaysia because he has a home here,” said a reporter with Malaysiakini, a leading political news website.
“It’s no secret that he is ever welcome to stay, because he is a good friend of the political establishment. Apart from that his family also has business interests not only in Malaysia, but ac…

Air Asia climatize their ego by licking balls.

Some people get contracts by carrying balls.
Some people get titles by sugaring the balls.
Some people climatize their ego by licking balls.

Glue Powder made from pork

So let us see how Jakim going to twist their arse on this.
This white powder sold by the kilo, is the meat industry's dirty little secret. It's called "meat glue." It makes pieces of beef, lamb, chicken or fish that would normally be thrown out stick together so closely that it looks like a solid piece of meat.
Glue powder is made from pork.

Mr Question Mark

Mr Question Mark is teaching UMNO bloggers to end every sentence with a question mark.
So question number 1 :  Where is your university degree?
Question number 2 :
What is the difference between a sentence and a question? Answer: A sentence is a complete thought with a noun and verb and ends with a period. A question asks something and ends with a question mark (?).

Malaysian Gag


Have some decency

If non-Muslim were to argue or have a debate about electing an Iman, what do you think Jakim, Sultans, Perkasa, Malay NGOs and UMNO will do?
When LGE wanted to have election for local council there were many unpleasant remarks and scenes.
So how about respecting others?

UMNO intruders


Lihatlah betapa kecut dan menikusnya samseng-samseng upahan UMNO apabila kena cekup oleh AMK dengan bantuan pihak polis semasa mereka cuba buat ganggu kacau satu program di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, petang tadi, 24hb Mac 2013...Sebiji seketul macam tikus kena simbah air panas..Tunduk ketakutan.. Kalau tidak bukan main garang dan berlagak lagi...Ingatkan hebat sangat!!!

Bila kena cekup tahu pula kecut perut..Tapi jangan salahkan mereka.. Itulah sebenarnya peribadi juak-juak UMNO..Belum kena buku dengan ruas dialah hero. Bila dah kena cekup, senyap terus!!!!

Masa kena cekup ketua-ketua mereka pun hilang lesap tak nampak batang hidung.

We the Rakyat must reject Hishamoo for encouraging youth to kill Tian Chua

GOMBAK, March 24 — Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein urged the country’s youth today to rally behind Barisan Nasional (BN) and “eliminate traitors” like PKR’s Chua Tian Chang, whose allies in the opposition have been accused of instigating the Sabah incursion.
Where is the proof?  Again UMNO supporters do not use their God given brain to think.
Speaking before the ruling coalition’s election machinery here, the Umno vice-president said leaders like Chua had insulted the country’s armed forces despite losing their lives to protect Malaysia’s sovereignty.
The armed forces did not lose their lives to protect Malaysia's sovereignty.  The men died because they were killed by their own brothers.
“What is going on in Sabah should not be politicised, this is an issue of our sovereignty.
No Hisham, this is political.  If you had done your work instead of fucking Anuar Zain, this whole mess would not have happened.
“Whose hand is it behind the intrusion, is there a third party involv…

This is how EC will cheat in the open

It is time to consider Bersih 4.0 and mass Solat Hajat  and whatever prayers possible to counter the dirty tactics of EC.
Start a petition to Agong.
We have to get rid of the top two UMNO members in EC.
We are going against an elite Mafia Corporation with huge money reserve, Armed Forces, PDRM, AG, Judges, Malay NGOs, Silat Groups, Perkasa and 5 Sultans on their sides.

Students gagged

5 org mahasiswa ums labuan ditahan, jam 3.00 ptg tadi. mereka mengadakan speaker cornar di Bandar Labuan sempena pelancaran Gerakan Mahasiswa Pru13 peringkat labuan. Mereka di bawa ke Balai Polis Labuan. Antara yg ditahan ialah, Shah Jabran Almughni, Pengerusi Pro Mahasiswa UMS Labuan. Untuk mklumat, sila hubungi Aktivis Pro M Ums, Azrul 014-508-9142.

dari wall
Gerakan Mahasiswa PRU13 - GM13
Gerakan Mahasiswa PRU13 Sabah dan Labuan

Next level of doom or success

Sami, Kutty and Soil Lick must contest in this coming 13th General Election instead of using proxies to fight their dirty games.
This will be D last battle for them and the exiting generals like Nik Aziz, Hadi, LKS, Karpal Singh and Anwar.
This election will pave the way for the new generation of leaders who will lead Malaysia to the next level of either doom or success.
Today we Malaysians must be proud to witness the emerging of young leaders who have proven themselves in many ways.  We have a widen choice.
So with that in mind.  Let us mark our votes wisely and not be sway with threat, religion and race.

Malaysians must wake up from pawn-sleep

I fully support the Sultanate of Sulu to sue Malaysia in International Court.  This being not the first time that Mahathir and Najib have make use of them to clear the path for BN to sit pretty and take away the wealth of the Sabahans.  For too long Mahathir have used the Rakyat and foreigners as pawn to enrich his family members and cronies.
Today the Malaysia Police are guinea pigs to UMNO.

An ex-cop, convict, phantom voter

Today Papa UM no is facing his past.
Like so many other bloggers, they depend on UMNO to cover up their ugly side.

Muhkriz the Mamak Boy cannot answer


Bukti betapa bijaksana BN memerintah negeri Kedah....

Jangan bagi penyamun dan pengkianat jadi pemimpin kedah....??? BILA PENYAMUN SUDAH KENYANG SEMUA DI BIARKAN BEGINI...???

Projek chalet di Pulau Payar yang bernilai RM6.8 juta...lesap dan sekarang projek ini sudah jadi tukun untuk ikan sahaja..

Kerajaan BN Kedah juga sehingga kini belum dapat menjelaskan perihal projek chalet di Pulau Payar yang bernilai RM6.8 juta. Ia siap dibina, dirasmikan oleh Tuanku Sultan Kedah, malangnya tidak dapat digunakan kerana tiada sijil layak menduduki (CF) serta ketiadaan sumber bekalan air. Sudahlah pembinaan mengakibatkan kerosakan ekologi hutan yang teruk, duit rakyat berjumlah RM6.8 juta hangus begitu saja.



Something to chew

1. A Chief Editor of a mainstream newspaper who had an affair with a young girl while his wife lay paralysed in bed – Zam himself.

2. A Chief Minister who eloped to Thailand to secretly marry his second wife – Muhammad Mohd Taib (then Chief Minister of Selangor).

3. A Federal Minister who was caught with a female artiste in a Port Dickson hotel room – Najib Tun Razak (Defence Minister) and Ziana Zain

4. A Federal Minister whose brother was arrested for drug trafficking – Muhyiddin Yassin.

5. A Federal Minister who had an affair with someone else's wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage – Ruhaini Ahmad.

6. A Chief Minister who had an affair with someone else's wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage – Muhammad Mohd Taib.

7. A Chief Minister who had an affair with an under-aged girl – Rahim Tambi Chik (then Melaka Chief Minister).

8. A Chief Minister who had an affair with a girl who eventually gave birth to an illegitimate child – Shahid…

A letter waits no reply

Dear Prime Minister,

“Promises fulfilled’’, "Share the wealth of the nation’’ and "appreciation’’ are three different phrases of words. Ask yourself, which phrase sounds better? It must consider the timing, when and why it was mentioned. Let me put clearly why it looks different.  

“Appreciation’’ – It was the first time in GE12 that Penang was captured by the opposition and ruled. They never waited 52 years to decide to appreciate the senior citizens with RM100. With short term rule and efficient spending, they helped the needy. They cannot aid every citizen because funds were limited. They do not have abundant money like the federal government. With limited funds, the Penang government did such a good deed within their short period of rule. They used proper words like “Appreciate the senior citizen’’. Actually Lim Guan Eng is very smart to hit two mangoes with one stone. He appreciates the senior citizen because their elderly advise had turned their family t…

No jet, never mind


We the Rakyat must bring UMNO to its knee

Watch and listen carefully then ask yourself why Sabah is in a mess and who is responsible for it.
Spread and share video to all your friends and kampung folks.
Mahathir must be punish in the most harsh way to stop his cronies and sons from doing the same crime against us.
The present situation in Lahad Datu is because of Mahathir and Najib.
We the Rakyat must bring UMNO to its knee.

Baby Pear from China


All in the family


It is time to hang Mahathir Kutty


Mahathir's hidden hands

Mahathir paid Joseph Pairin $1 million between 1985-1986 to join BN.

Mahathir was the one who instructed Mohamed Hashim bin Mohd Ali his brother in law and ex IGP Hanif Omar to supply and plant bombs in Sabah.

Mahathir was the one who instructed Harris Salleh to plant bomb on the plane that carried Tun Fuad Stephens.

Mahathir was the one who instructed Daim to put bags of cash in front of Joseph Pairin, Mohamed Hashim, Hanif and Harris Salleh for their service.

Today we can see Mahathir's hands again working overtime in Sabah.

Witness the happening in Sabah 1985-1986 and see the similarity happening now 2013 and in Perak couple years back.

This coming election Mahathir has again put up cash but the amount is bigger to the tune of RM5 billion excluding the RM2 billion already paid to a Moro Rebel to ensure BN win without obstacles.

Yes big CASH was again put in front of all the Generals, IGP, Sultans, Judges, Perkasa, Malay NGOs and not forgetting people from PKR namely PAS and Ke…