Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Malays are fated to be trash

One thing I learned is that Malays never learn from their mistakes.  They simply love to be cheated, conned, believe in lies and naive.  Naive in the real meaning of being fools.
From running the country to those working in Felda they believe it is fated.
Yes Malays are fated to be trash.  And they like to drag others like me into their foolishness.
Once again this particular family is given another chance to siphon more money into their stomach with Shahrizat's new appointment as special adviser to Najib.  And the law especially the Judge who by now has already being taken care of will proclaim not enough evidence to proceed with the case.
And the police will rejoice with happiness that this family cannot be detain for 76 days while petty thieves are not so lucky to have a sugar daddy for a Premier.
So anyone got any clue what billion project that Shahrizat can advice Najib to give to her family or her children can be special directors for EPF?
The things Malays do are damn sickening.

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