Monday, March 11, 2013

Project IC Mahathir Recipient

Real name Sankaran Pillai but declare as Chandra Muzafar.

Real name Mahathir Kutty but declare as Mahathir Mohammad.
So where do you korban them????????????????????????????


Alan Newman said...

Dr MM, Najib & UMNO cronies, Taib & cronies are some of the biggest criminals in modern times, they with all the UMNO and BN cronies have destroyed their own country with apartheid, lies, deception, cheating; with mis-management, thefts & plunder to the tune of hundreds of billion if RM$. They should be charged for treason and punished severely. Despite the astronomical crime, not a slight trace of humility or remorse. MM remains one of the most detested & despised politicians in the world. The West has all kinds of nicknames for him. I write as a neutral observer from NZ - rated as one of the world's most democratic & transparent countries.

Alan Newman said...

PEOPLE POWER! now taking back the government from the corrupt, the criminals and their cronies after 55 long years.

Spread this slogan everywhere, this will quicken the demise of rotten BN & UMNO.

Compensation in the form of extension of 20 years

Unlike BN, PH doesn’t have to compensate for toll cuts, Guan Eng tells Najib LIM GUAN ENG, MALAYSIANS ARE NOT STUPID. EXTENSION FOR A...