Friday, August 5, 2011

UMNO latest propaganda against DAP

DAP cannot control and tell Chinese businesses to up their prices to make the citizens suffer.

It is true most business suppliers are Chinese mainly because they were the first to trade since Merdeka.

But it is the ruling Government which is the one raising the prices. Take for example fuel, gas, flour, rice and sugar. All this are monopolized by UMNO elite. The owners are Mahathir, Shahidan, Sultan of Perlis, Pak Lah, Daim, Najib and Rosmah. You see any Chinese.

Under the tukar programme which is 1Malaysia Kedai, this is for the mamak Muslim like Mydin. They are given free money ranges from RM20,000 - RM60,000.

I am in Business myself so I do understand the cost of rental, TNB bills which has double two fold beginning this year and water which I use less than RM10 but am still charge fix rate of RM36 no matter how I argue. How about phone bills? Though we use minimum, there are many hidden cost which again rises the amount. There are many other unexpected cost factor to be considered. Remember also we have to compete with Supermarkets like Tesco, Giant etc.........

Yes indeed 1Malaysia kedai concept is good but how long do you think this kind of business can last before another round of free donation is ask. The Government will continue to give till the 13th General Election. But after that what happens?

So to say DAP is to be blame. Then UMNO rather the ruling Government should step down and let DAP sit in Putrajaya. Then those bastards who have no brain can say "I told you so."

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