Monday, August 22, 2011

TNB Fraud

Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh,

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

129 Jalan Bangsar


Dear Datuk Seri,

Re: High Billing and Missing Disc (A/C No: 0123 00671857 09)

On 9th March 2011, my shop meter was changed without notice from TNB. My shop was the only one out of 400 shops in Jalan Belangkas/Jalan Kg Pandan chosen by TNB Russian Roulette system to have my meter upgraded to Pri Sprint Meter though my meter was just changed two years back.

Datuk Seri, I am not against the upgrading but disappointed that the Pri Sprint Meter Disc was going round and round like SPEEDY GONZALES.

On 11th March I send an e-mail to to complain. Guess what Datuk Seri? The supervisor at the Pusat TOOK OUT THE DISC from my meter, so that I cannot see the speedy run. And three other shops down the row have their meter changed similar to mine. On top of my incredible high bill, I was penalised RM28.98 for low power factor. Excuse me! No one has the right to tell me that I have to use a certain amount of electricity per month?

Datuk Seri, my monthly bill is around RM200 to RM250 per month for the past seven years. My meter was changed twice. But now my bill is RM1193.38 and RM1931.99. I would like to challenge Datuk Seri to send four officers from TNB with video and timer and me alone to check 10 meters of my choice.

This challenge will show – 1) That all the meters are not run at same speed.

2) By taking out the disc from Pri Sprint Meter, the wet weather, handphone and any electrical items surrounding the meter can greatly affect the reading.

But the most important and great disappointment is that TNB has no right to change meter or take out the disc without notice to the owners and tenants of building. Plus TNB has no right whatsoever to climb over the fence like thieves to take out the discs from homes, which I have witness on several occasions. Cannot use Russian Roulette system to gather guinea pigs.

Datuk Seri, if what I mentioned here is proven true, will you put back the disc to my meter, not cut my electricity, need not pay the incredible bills and apologize to me. To be fair to all Malaysians, have all the shops and houses be fitted with Pri Sprint Meter since it is manufactured by Krizik (M) Sdn. Bhd, not just one or two from Russian Routlette system.

Datuk Seri, TNB is forcing me and my son to close shop so that you can show an incredible profit again for 2011 and receive another RM2 million bonus. Is this right, especially this Ramadan?

Datuk Seri, I believe that if business is done fairly the amount of stealing which you have used the media to play out to TNB advantage will be minute. There is a saying that “what goes around comes around.”

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah

Encl: e-mail

Police report

c.c. Prime Minister



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