Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr Rosmah, what does politic means to you?

Since Mr Rosmah took the Premiership, I had wanted to meet him in person to ask "what does politic means to him."

The transformation and KPI that Mr Rosmah is constantly talking about is a waste of time, energy and money. Every now and then pages and pages of advertisement are placed praising it but basically it is to dump good money into their own cronies' newspaper companies and boasting their egos.

Petty thieves are still on the raise. Every day I heard stories of snatch thieves in Desa Pandan, Ampang, Taman Maluri, Pandan Jaya. These thieves are not illegal immigrants but Malay men and boys on motor bikes living in Desa Pandan, Kg Pandan Dalam, Cempaka, and Ampang. These robbers use their sinful gain to gamble at the 8 gambling dens located at the whole stretch of Jalan Kg Pandan and Jalan Belangkas. I have brought up this issue for the past two years and what has the police, special branch, all the UMNO and Pakatan people do. IGNORE, IGNORE, PRETEND TO SLEEP. Their interest is talking and making PORNO movies that cannot bring food on the table for their shit mouth.

Then we have the fake egg issue. I don't know about the egg but I am very sure about the fake fuel going into my car. I have sensitive nose and love the smell of petrol which gives out five different aroma. But for the past 1 year, the smell is different. Every time I am at the petrol station, I get the itchy sensation on my throat. And the smell is totally different. I also noticed that the fuel burns faster. Do a test run yourself. Fill your car half tank full and go to a particular destination. The government will be changing a new fuel to replace the present 95 soon. Then fill the same amount of fuel and go to the same destination using the same route. You will notice that the fuel burns faster. If you had done a test run every three months since last year, you will understand what I mean. But now that the new fuel is coming out people will give all kind of excuses. The new 95 is supposed to be of higher premium, so better mileage for your usage but it is not. I was also inform that if there is collision of cars the chances of an explosion is greater.

Another test is go to different petrol station around town buying the same amount of fuel and make it a point to hear the rush of the petrol into your tank. The stronger the gush, the less petrol you get. This is an old trick used by all petrol station owners to make extra bunk.

All utilities have risen their tax to 6%. This will remain until after the 13th General Election where approval have been given to raise another 4% to make it a nice figure of 10%. Again the government will bring comparison with this and that country.

If you had not visited any Government departments do so to enjoy the rude awakening of the Civil servants. Try the ones at the Mall near PWTC. See how arrogant and aloof they are. Is there a need to bad mouth someone you do not know? While waiting for my turn to be serve, I overheard an elderly man giving details on how he was cheated to a girl serving him at the next counter. The minute the elderly man left the counter, the girl make nasty remark that only stupid fools get cheated and she had to spent the whole day listening to them. Another Kepala Pusing Idiot.

Potholes are a common sight in Malaysia. Everywhere you go, you see holes here and there. Some very big, some very small and some very deep. All repairs are in the hands of Works Ministry and of course DBKL who have money eyes. Every year on Budget day expenditure for road repairs are put aside. But our roads remain holey. Since this so-called transformation and KPI show it superior form, the roads around my area are still damaged, drains are stagnant with water and the holes have grown in numbers. Repairs are seen but the workers are told to cover only two or three holes and leave the rest for the next budget day.

The amount of illegals migrants running dirty food stalls here and there are a beautiful sight to show us that the government support and welcome them.

Hackers employ by the Government to siphon a cent or two from every account here and there with the kind help of Bank Negara.

Seriously MACC should continue to go after the custom people till that whole department is completely clean. I have mentioned many times, how two bakery ingredients shops managed to sell their products so cheap if not for the yearly dinners and gifts and monthly allowances to these custom personnel. Investigation should go deeper into their relatives' business, accounts, bank safes etc....

Let us see more of that transformation and KPI by investigating who have given who to melt the gold bars and which countries are holding the balance of the gold bars on the instruction of who and who. How did Vincent Tan get hold of those gold bars that are kept in Bank Negara?

I have many more things to say but knowing Mr Rosmah is busy throwing our money in Sarawak and supporting that gone case fellow I will stop, but do ask him "what does politic means to him." I know this is the month of April but this is no April Fool Question and I love to hear his answer.

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