Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make it legal

An open relationship is essentially having your cake and eating it too, romantically speaking. When two people agree to be in an open relationship, they admit they love and care about each other but mutually agree that they want to see other people too. Oftentimes those in an open relationship consider themselves to be in love with each other, but they can have lesser attachments and sexual relationships outside of their main love interest without any ill effects on their primary relationship.

Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man or woman and a partner other than the legal spouse.

Enticing means to attract by offering pleasure or advantage.


1.) Those who commit adultery (the act of adultery must also contain then an act of fornication).

2.) Those who commit incest (can only single persons commit incest? If a man has relations with his daughter that is incest and fornication. If a mother had relations with her son this is incest and fornication (1Cor 5:1). If a brother and sister (married or not) have relations it is incest. Incest is fornication married or not)!

3.) Idolatry is fornication. (Idolatry is in the Spirit what adultery is in the carnal. But what is it in the act of idolatry that makes it also fornication? The Greek meaning then and today in the same Greek language means some act of fornication has occurred).

4.) Unlawful lust. (unlawful lust includes the married and the unmarried. It is a falsehood to say that only single people can commit unlawful lust. Some claim "Lewdness is the unlawful indulgence of lust (porn is included in this)." So in their own words "lewdness" is a sin of fornication. If only single persons can be lewd and be involved in porn or the like: please, would someone PROVE IT )!

5.) A harlot or a whore. (can only single females be a harlot or a whore? It does not make sense to say that a married woman cannot be a harlot or a whore.

6.) A male prostitute. (This classification of an act of fornication includes homosexuals and also single or married males who offered their services for hire. Fornication is identified here as sexual relations for money. We will take it that if it includes the male it also includes the female under the name whore, strumpet, or harlot).

7.) A female prostitute.

8.) Whoremongers. (to be a whoremonger is to have sexual relations with a whore or more then one whore. What is a whore? A whore is a woman who will have sexual relations with any man she chooses. All prostitutes are whores but not all whores are prostitutes. Some whores think that because they give free and do not charge they are not whores. This is false. The moment any wife has sexual relations with a man not her husband she is a whore. The moment she exposes her body to other men for sexual purposes she is a whore. She is guilty of fornication and adultery and has broken her marriage covenant. The moment any husband has sexual relations with any woman or girl not his wife he is a whoremonger. If he also exposes himself to other women or a woman, he is a fornicator and guilty of adultery.

The word fornication includes a whole range of sexual conduct not connected to single persons alone.

The court case between Iking and Ryan Chong is bringing amusement to us who are used to all the on-going in Malaysia. Call it open relationship, adultery, enticing or fornication they are all the same to us.

Most Malaysians are now practicing such act openly.

One good example is Sultan of Selangor with Kavita Kaur. One a divorcee and the other a married woman. But because Kavita Kaur is a Punjabi the family insists she must marry someone from the same clan. On the other side, in the eyes of the Selangor Royal Household a Muslim cannot marry a Punjabi but it is okay to fuck one, better still a married one.

Sultanah Kalthom a Pakistian married to the Sultan of Pahang there is no problem.

Whatever the reasons and kind of relationship the Sultan of Selangor and Kavita Kaur are having is nothing short of bringing shame to all Royalties, Punjabi and Indian Community, Sidhu, husband of Kavita and parents of Kavita are not stupid and blind or is it because the money and good life is too good to resist.

It would be good if the Ruling Government can legalize this kind of relationship in Parliament instead of making Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) look like they are committing zina too.

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