Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tyrannical & Vicious - Malaysian Bureaucracy

How many Dr Selvaa do we have in a land of 27 million people? Her decision to expose the bureaucracy she faces daily is not an easy choice. Especially being an Indian.

Orang Asli, the blind, orphans, the handicaps, less fortunate people etc, who depend on help from the government are the most abused and neglected lot.

I used to help the unfortunate ones in Kuala Lumpur but given my high stint nature, my children advised me to just concentrate on personal matters and our surrounding area in Taman Maluri.

Even in Taman Maluri area there are so much of abuses by the authorities, children of Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk and people with strong cables that got my children pulling the brakes on me. After some time I begin to really hate these particular Malay race.

As long as we continue to have Malays only at the senior level in the Civil Service they will destroy this country completely.

This country must be run by capable leaders putting race aside, who have passion, interest and willing to learn how to plant the seeds for our development.

So can we have a non-Malay and non_Muslim person as Minister for Finance, Defense, International Trade or as Prime Minister????????????

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