Thursday, February 18, 2010

The king screwer is back

Spark and sparkle everywhere. Someone is busy lighting fireworks non-stop.

The old man Mahathir must have got pissed off by Rosmah disrespect for him and is now going all out for Najib's head. Me like the rest of Malaysians cannot wait to see how crazy Rosmah would behave on doomsday. People like her deserve to be shame in public. Since Najib became the Prime Minister, she had become over arrogant and aloft treating everyone like low class beggars. At a private company dinner last year she make her grand entrance by coming an hour and half late, followed by four staff carrying her long train dress like a pig getting married. No Royalty wives had ever done that in this country. It takes a bitch like Rosmah to do that. Who does she thinks she is?

Najib's downfall blame it on Rosmah.

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First Lady of Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Malaysia.

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