Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frustrated Muslim Authorities

When things go wrong blame it on religion. After some time people just get fed-up and leave this country.

Me given the chance I would pack up and leave this stupid country. There are more Muslim leaving this sick country daily. Who can blame them when we are been control by crazy Muslim.

It is unbelieveable those three women can come out to say they deserve to be caned. Me I would shout, curse and even sue the authorities.

Is it fair to only cane the women, how about the men that were caught with them? Were they punished? Will I be wrong to say these men will continue to fuck around with other women freely?

If you want to do right go catch Sharizat. It is an open secret among UMNO members that Mahathir had fucked her in Parliament, Shafee in condos around KL and Daim in Vincent Tan's apartments.

What about Rosmah with her toyboy Deepak in Sabah, bodyguard in Thailand and the army guys in Singapore and Paris. Is it not true that her youngest daughter does not share the same DNA with Najib?

Do not think Muhyiddin is a saint. His many trips abroad are not without his usual escorts of paid women. Ask his wife who pretends innocent not knowing who those women were.

This country is been run by frustrated muslim men badly in need to have their balls cut off, hands chopped, eye pulled out and tongue cut off.

This country is so sick there is no cure for it. I have made a vow never, never to allow my children to marry a MALAY MUSLIM FROM MALAYSIA. I would rather kill them than to allow that to happen as long as I am alive.

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