Monday, January 18, 2010

Mecca Oh Mecca

Was it a coincidence that the witchcraft articles were in the media as Rosmah was performing her Haj.

People like Rosmah are not sincere and cannot change. Rosmah is fifty plus. Would a person at that age, who has privileges and wealth compromise being sincere and honest?

From my experience the answer is no.

Let me tell you a little story.

I have been a receiver of bomoh charm from Mahani Daim since 1982 till today. I am not proud to say that it has not affected my life but each time I had hoped it would be the last. Mahani had secured over the years bomohs from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and India. These bomohs are not cheap but money is not an issue here.

Over the years many discussion were held with several ex and present staff of her husband’s who had knowledge and some were under her bomoh entrapment. Many were agreeable that Mahani should have succeeded in killing herself when she attempted suicide. Some are still praying she will die. But then Allah is great, sinners always live longer. Our sympathy goes out to Doris who suffered the most.

The recent article about witchcraft in the media is worth reading to understand better that no action can be taken against these witchcraft worshippers. To counter these charms are not easy, we can only pray and hope.

You can read the article dated 17th January 2010 New Sunday times.

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