Sunday, November 15, 2009


I get mad with UMNO Bastards when they make fools of themselves. Don’t they realise their own children are ashamed of their behaviours?

For the past 22 years when Mahathir was the Premier, it was an open secret that the businessmen were the ones paying for all his holidays overseas plus expenses. The entourage who followed too benefited from this open bribery.

When Pak Lah sat on the Premiership, he and his family members all enjoyed this open bribery too.

What about Najib, family and friends recent holiday in France, who were the ones that donated for that?

The trouble with UMNO Bastards is they think everyone is so STUPID but they forget they are the biggest IDIOTS in Malaysia.

From Mahathir, Pak Lah to Najib, which one of them did not receive bribe from the businessmen. Even the houses, cars, clothes, condom they use to fuck people’s wife and etc are bought for them by the businessmen. So why are they condemning Tok Guru?

That’s right these THREE PREMIER did fuck other people’s wife. I take my hat off to Mahathir because he treated Parliament like a fucking motel.

So what the FUCK are the UMNO people, MACC and Religious Department keeping silent on the wrong done by present and ex-Prime Ministers?

These people pray five times a day and go to Mecca yet they screw themselves upside down to please these fuckers.

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