Friday, October 2, 2009

Forensic Joker

DNA on Teoh's blazer and belt belong to one deceased male by the name of Gopala Muniam.

I can think of many reasons why the MACC, Police and AG are diverting the whole case to an innocent party. One - So far only one person who was present when Teoh died took the stand, the other three parties will not be called. Reason be that they are senior officers in MACC. Two - MACC, Police and AG are afraid of what Dr Porntip will say in court. Three - Gopala Muniam will be make out as a thug, connected to PKR as suggested by Wee the independent party who was recently awarded for this kind information by Najib to go to UN. Four - green light for psychiatrists to interview Teoh's family. Teoh's family are still in moaning and hurt. Do you think the psychiatrist will know their state of mind before the death of Teoh, when he the doctor had never been in contact with them before? The psychiatrist has no right to talk to the Teoh's family members, in fact the correct thing to do would be to interview the MACC officers involved in the death of Teoh, to evaluate how these so called human beings have become sadists. Teoh's family members did not cause the death of Teoh. The MACC officers are the ones. Going in circus is like hiding the truth. The jokers themselves are the fools.

So you see where this confusion all leading to. Even a Standard Three student can create such a scenario.

What part and the many whys, this so-called Forensic Expert Dr Seah Lay Hong play, only she has the answers? But her information is down right a joke to the living beings. But then the top people in AG, Police and MACC are all criminal buddies who are the biggest fools in town.

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