Friday, March 27, 2009

My Prediction

So cocky boy got in and is now the UMNO Youth Chief. Given a limited choice cocky boy is definitely the best among those rascals. Will he get the job done? The answer is Yes but he has to change. He has to use his brain rather than his heart and greed, if he intends to last long plus he holds the most damaging evidence against Najib from the murder of the Mongolian girl. Najib will not dare to touch or rock the boat if he intends to keep the lid close tight. So cocky boy will survive under the term of Najib. The sad part would be the death of two love ones in the next two years.

Muhyiddin will be the next leader for UMNO if he does have an accident from now till 2010. His fate can only be changed after the accident. His immediate role now is to remain as an office boy till Najib kill off UMNO as the ruling party. Muhyiddin cannot and will never play an important role under Najib’s era.

One of the vice-presidents will die in office. All three will play an important role in destroying UMNO but Zahid’s fate as an eunuch will have much blood in his hand. He will and definitely is the right hand man of Najib, whom he will help to hasten the process of destroying UMNO and himself in the next two years.

Supreme Council is filled with men without soul except for Dr Norraesah who will be buried alive. Death is definitely in the cards for two members, who will die within these two years.

This is the first time I see death in an UMNO line up. Seeing Najib is the last UMNO Prime Minister for Malaysia, maybe that is also his karma to bring death at its doorstep for the three men.

As for Najib, his fate is already sealed.

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