Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st April 2009

Najib will sit on the Premier seat on April Fool Day. What a joke, what a laugh? If this is one of the American or Korean sitcom maybe I too will enjoy this stupid joke that is been played on us, But this is the reality that we are about to face.

The first thought that comes to mind are the two Tuns who will be the advisor to Najib. They get to reclaim their glory and richness comes April 2009.

RMAF is sitting on a prime land that is own by the two Tuns. They have waited and waited several years unsuccessfully to develop that piece of gold mine. Like most millionaires things did not work as planned because Pak Lah had other ideas. With Najib, business will be as usual like during Mahathir’s era.

Every single businessman I know from Mahathir’s basket is hoping for another chance to finish off the wealth of this country. The ones I spoke to lately had this to say. “After Najib, UMNO is finish. We must use this golden opportunity to grab all and leave nothing for the opposition who are sure to win in the next election. Look even the royalties are aware. Just look at Kelantan, Perak, Pahang and Johor after this. Like us they too want their share of the pie. Najib had promised.”

My friends had advised me to stop finding fault and reveal the secret of UMNO members especially Najib and Rosmah. Come April 2009, Najib’s secret regime will finish every single one of us bloggers.

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