Saturday, November 10, 2018

Malaysians continue to be foolish

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Before GE14 our national debt stood at RM1.38 trillion.
After GE14 till today our national debt shot up to RM2.2 trillion.
In 6 months time our debt is expected to rise to RM3 trillion if there is no more stealing by you know who.

Yet many continue to sing praise to Demi God Mahathir.

There are 4 million Malaysians in the category B40.
While 2 million Malaysians are in M40.
In 6 months time there will be an increase of 2 million to the 4 million making it 6 million in B40.
And another increase of 2 million to be added to the already 2 million making it 4 million in M40.
Thanks to another stupid scheme FundMyHome  2 million Malaysians will not be able to service their loan  during the five years period pushing them to category B40. Good example is PTPTN loan.  How many people paid back?
Oil prices have come down to RM60 but our fuel is going up.  What the fuck is the government doing?

During Najib's time our ringgit against US$ was 3.8 today under Mahathir it is at 4.2.

People are claiming Demi God Mahathir can bring back the glorified days of yesterday to Malaysia but what many do not realised is that the old magic wand is today broken into pieces.

Mahathir, Daim and Azmin Ali have been going around begging for loans, selling bonds etc and the response has been NIL except for Japan.  In return there will be not 1 but 3 Japanese school by 2020.  But this will not solve our national debt.  How many Malaysians will be employed in the Japanese school?

Migrate population stand at 6.8 million and every month millions of ringgit are transferred out.  PH government has not taken any serious action to get rid of them.

Mahathir and Daim are being punished for their past action now, so whatever they want to do for their legacy no longer work.

Azmin Ali had never been able to bring in investment during his time as Menteri Besar of Selangor and today has proven once again he is not capable as an Economic Minister.

LGE cannot do anything because his job is to make the accounts pretty,plus he is already a billionaire.

Those loudspeakers before GE14 who demanded and protested for accountability and transparency are today quiet as a mouse because Mahathir and Daim have given them position.

Meanwhile Malaysians continue to enjoy without care leaving the nation to incapable leaders who have ego like their overworked penis.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Whole world using GST, only Malaysia going backwards

I support GST because everyone has to pay.
In SST, the malays and millionaire don't pay.
So Malaysia is back to square one where the minority have to pay taxes to support the majority.
I find this very frustrating and unfair to the minority in Malaysia.

'GST a good tax but ruined by poor implementation' - MoF deputy undersecretary

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This cannot that cannot but Azmin and Zuraida can

Azmin and Zuraida can go to Sarawak during PKR election.
Kak Wan and Anwar cannot go to Sarawak during PKR election.
Azmin and Zuraida can have sponsors like Vincent Tan, Naza, Genting, Toto and Eco World to bribe PKR voters.
Rafizi cannot have sponsors to bribe PKR voters.
Azmin and Zuraida sent thugs to create trouble at polling centers.
Rafizi cannot have thugs at polling centers.
I find it odd that many bloggers, gossipers, trouble makers, facebook lovers and liars saying it is okay for Azmin and Zuraida to do whatever they like and how they like since they have great sponsors and backers like Mahathir and Daim who created a loss of RM66 billion in Bank Negara just after GE14.
By the way when will Latheefa who is double spy for Daim  be kicked out from PKR.
She has caused tremendous trouble and divided the members into camp inside PKR when Anwar was in jail for the second time yet no one dares to touch her.
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Pribumi Ministers have carrot brain

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Maszlee is definitely not a wise choice as a Minister.
He is like a LOSER in a game of snake and ladder who depends on the dice for every move to reach his destination. Each time he almost reaches the finishing line, he dives straight back to the beginning. Till today he does not know what he is supposed to focus on neither does he understand how bad our Education system is. What needs to be done immediately.

Malaysians changed the Government to have a more liberal environment.  Improvement on our life.  The demand is simply NO MORE RACIAL THINKING, NO DIVISION ON OUR LIFE, BETTER EDUCATION AND WELL RUN SYSTEM IN OUR DAILY LIFE.

Just one trip to Japan, Maszlee now wants to introduce Breakfast for B40 students only.  Again a division class of people. Does Maszlee really understand why the Japanese Government introduced lunches.

The Japanese Government unlike our Minister who love to syiok sendiri does things for the development of the nation.  The Japanese are far sighted. Maszlee just wants to give good impression his carrot brain is working and hopefully a title is coming his way.

Pribumi people like Syed, Rani, Mukhriz and Maszlee are not Minister material.  These carrot cake are show case model to SYIOK SENDIRI BERHAD.

Kyushoku – Japanese School Lunch

On October 13, Gohan Society paid a Midtown visit to the Nichibei Exchange group to listen to a presentation by Ms. Alexis Agliano Sanborn, one of The Gohan Society’s fantastic volunteers, about the Japanese school lunch system. Wait, school lunch? You mean that nasty stuff kids are forced to eat in school? Actually, Japan’s school lunch is quite the national treasure – and it tastes good to boot!
Even those well-versed in Japanese food and culture often overlook the charm and insight to the country’s institutional meal system. For those Americans among us, school lunch does not usually yield positive memories or connotations. Many of Japan’s baby boomer generation would agree! They associate their lunch time with memories of powdered milk and flavorless bread. However, most Japanese kids today are blessed with healthy, fresh, flavorful and well-balanced daily meals.
Currently, school lunch, or (gakkoukyushoku, is a public system in place at 92% of elementary and middle schools around the country. It is maintained locally but governed nationally, influential in the regional economy and society.
As Ms. Sanborn noted, school lunch has had a long history in Japan. The country boasts one of the oldest school lunch systems in the world, beginning in response to a poor economy, stressors of modernization and natural disasters of the late 1880s and 1890s. School lunch’s early advent is thanks to Japan’s communal spirit and modernization efforts, spurring a movement for youth to be reared healthy and capable.
In the postwar, the piecemeal system was transformed by the influence of America – and the lunch-lineup heavily adopted Western flavors. While the flavors and taste may have suffered throughout the 1950s and ‘60s as Japanese chefs grappled with a clash of cultures, strong systemic foundations were erected.
Systemic foundations? What does that mean? Well, simply put, the local and national government helped to establish the operational rules and guidelines that over the years have contributed to school lunch’s resounding success. Sounds confusing, but really it’s quite simple. Beginning in the 1950s, the Japanese government decided to structure the system in a uniquely Japanese way. It took elements from its own culture – the ideas of group labor, perseverance, endurance, cleanliness, humility, gratitude and comradery – and encapsulated them into a daily ritual. This ritual was to become the school lunch system, one that heavily relies on student participation as its key to success.
Students are expected to participate and engage in practically every aspect of the meal – that is, besides making the food themselves (although, from time to time they do that too!). Every day right before the lunch hour, students dutifully don masks and aprons, clean the classroom floors, rearrange the desks, transport food from the kitchen, judiciously measure and serve, and then carefully clean. Over the years these daily formalities instill all manner of manners! For example, children learn to extend and appreciate the efforts of the meal’s benefactors (i.e., the lunch ladies). Other lessons include understanding the importance of cleanliness, sense of community and society, strength, justice, and morality. Heavy stuff for lunch time.
During a brief video which followed the school lunch process from start to finish, many of the Americans were amazed by the diligence, care and manners instilled in these children through the daily process. As one commentator put it, “Everything about Japanese society you can see through lunch.” It’s true!
What about the food then? Well, despite the blips and burps of the 1950s and 1960s, the food scene really began to take off in the seventies and has had a recent renaissance in the 2000s. Gone away are the processed and canned foods. Today, most schools have their meals prepared fresh daily– even down to chopping the vegetables. As for the menu, although bread used to be the principle staple in the days of yesteryear, today rice is definitively served at least three times a week. For the Japanese school lunch has become a vehicle through which to experience elements of the world around them – from the global to the local. Children learn about the principles of washoku as well as the various types of yoshoku, and international foods from across Asia. By utilizing local sourced ingredients and specialties, children also learn about the local food economy, as well as the seasonal ebbs and flows which have defined the Japanese culture for millennia.
All in all, the presentation showed us that there is a lot more to Japanese school lunch that meets the eye.
Alexis Agliano Sanborn researched the Japanese school lunch as her Master’s thesis at Harvard University (2013), and currently is developing a school lunch cook book proposal to submit to publishers. Meanwhile, she is also developing her school lunch webpage.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The New MB of Kedah

Johari Abdul left UMNO to join Anwar during Reformasi time.
As punishment he was left to survive at the Pudu Market.
After GE14 again Mahathir and Daim choose to ignore him.

Ahli Parlimen Sungai Petani Datuk Johari Abdul malam semalam berkongsi kisahnya yang sebelum ini berstatus ahli perniagaan jutawan, bertukar menjadi seorang penjaja yang papa kedana setelah meninggalkan Umno untuk menyertai PKR.
“Saya ceburi bidang perniagaan dan bekerja dengan seorang tokoh yang cukup berkuasa, (Tun) Daim (Zainuddin) dalam membangunkan Langkawi. Ketika itu saya menyertai Umno,” katanya.
“Saya berhubungan rapat dengan ahli-ahli politik, saya agak selesa memiliki kilang gula-gula yang besar di Pulau Pinang. Saya juga banyak mengembara.
“Apabila perbalahan antara (perdana menteri) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan (timbalannya) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tercetus, saya memegang jawatan penting dalam Umno, dan saya juga adalah proksi untuk beberapa pemimpin terkemuka dalam syarikat mereka,” katanya tanpa menamakan pemimpin berkenaan.
Johari, yang berucap pada majlis amal ‘Sponsor a Constituency’ malam semalam, mengakui dirinya adalah seorang jutawan ketika itu.
“Saya terpaksa membuat pilihan antara sama ada terus bersama Umno atau menyertai gerakan Reformasi,” katanya.
“Ia adalah masa yang sukar bagi saya. Saya berbincang dengan isteri dan anak-anak saya, dan mereka berkata, saya seharusnya berjuang.
“Jadi saya menyertai Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail untuk menubuhkan parti baru,” katanya.
Susulan keputusan itu, kata Johari, beliau kehilangan semua jawatan lumayan dalam dunia korporat dan terpaksa hidup dengan menjadi seorang penjaja di pasar Pudu selama dua tahun.
“Ini adalah pengalaman yang saya mahu berkongsi dengan kamu, khususnya golongan belia.
“Apabila tiba masanya untuk membuat keputusan, kita perlu memilih kepentingan rakyat tanpa mengambil kira kekayaan dan jawatan penting,” katanya. – Malaysiakini

Monday, October 29, 2018

Malaysians did not vote for another UMNO, Mahathir should step down immediately

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When Dr Mahathir left UMNO and Muhyiddin was sacked, no big names followed suit to be out in the cold, even though Najib was already known as a crook. Not even Dr Mahathir’s very good friend, Daim Zainuddin.

People like Mustapha Mohamed continued to kiss Najib’s ass, and was entrusted to carry UMNO’s fight as a parliamentary and DUN candidate and Menteri Besar-to-be against its detractors, including Dr Mahathir’s fledgling PPBM.

Nothing has changed, except that Dr Mahathir, with the help of PKR, DAP and Amanah, is now the prime minister with goodies to dish out.

Suddenly Tok Pa, as he is popularly known, came to the realisation that he was on the ‘wrong’ side, and dropped everything to be with his former bosses.

That’s a Malaysian political tradition. We are not naive and we are aware of frogs and other slimy creatures from among us. But when Dr Mahathir termed his froggy-leap as sincere and tried to morally legitimise it, it is enough to make one puke!

Somehow, just five months ago, Tok Pa was not sincere? And by only observing him as an independent within a few weeks, he is now sincere, and we are supposed to swallow that. What does Dr Mahathir take us for?

And his ‘Tukang Karut’ or publicist, Kadir Jasin, expecting an outpouring of gutless and spineless ‘cari makan’ assholes, try to publicise and intimate that forty more UMNO MPs are jumping into PPBM.

We are not surprised if they do, they are assholes anyway. We are just surprised that the crooks whom PPBM fought so fiercely and lost just a few months ago, are suddenly cleansed lily-white!

The truth is, Dr Mahathir needs to bolster his parliamentary support which was just lukewarm from PRU14, especially among the Malays, to justify being PM in case Anwar Ibrahim gets to be more definitive about his succession timing.

What happened to his statement about not taking in UMNO frogs? Oh, like his attitude to manifestoes, it does not matter, he was just kidding, anyway. Surely you can’t expect to take your PM seriously!

Kadir’s wishful thinking and arithmetic’s of 14 plus 40 equals the biggest party in Parliament are sound. Only that he has his head in the clouds and his pants are down at his feet, exposing his balls.

So let’s collect all the bottom-feeders that can be found, absolve them of past sins and christen them as clean and desirables, and be an instant giant of a party.

The coalition partners can follow suit if they can, and make undesirables as the flavour of the week. Make them to be in demand and PH can change its name as Pakatan Haprak. Nobody will mind as long power is the currency.

In a way, it reminds us of Anwar’s September 15, 2008 comedy! But this time Dr Mahathir actually has favours to be dished out. What do you want? Ministry of Home Affairs? Jump in quickly then, be the first.

Oh, by the way, the MACC files are still in the PM’s office, just in case you are fond of the colour orange. They would gladly be reviewed by the eager-beavers!

So Khairy Jamaluddin, if a first-class honours graduate from Monash, with marital ties to you-know-who, can do it, so can an Oxbridge fella! A brother-in-law is already the economic adviser to the PM, so you can go places too. It’s not like you have not done such a thing before!

Just be prepared to be lumped together with Bung Kinabatangan and Ahmad Maslan. You think they will be accepted too? Really Pakatan Haprak then!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mahathir legacy with his latest blockbuster

With RM66 billion as loose change Azmin Ali is over confidence he can control PKR.

Meanwhile Mahathir has his side kick romping in MPs from UMNO, PKR, PAS and Sabah. Another Malay culture that must change in New Malaysia.

Bersatu is confidence that they will secure 55 MPs next month, so who in PKR will be jumping?

The frogs have asked for RM50 - RM100 million each. Vincent Tan, YTL, Country Heights and Genting are main sponsors

So will Anwar or the Bersatu member be the 8th Prime Minister?

There will be a cabinet reshuffle within 6 months as indicated by Mahathir.

Mahathir will as usual kick out his Deputy and how will Anwar react to this knowing Azmin holds the trump card?

Why watch Korean drama or Indian movie when Mahathir is making his own drama in Malaysia.

The story writer is ready, technician are ready, director and producer are ready. All waiting for Azmin Ali and Zuraida arrival in a golden chariot.


WHOSE DESTINY ENDS IN 2018????????????????

Malaysians continue to be foolish

Before GE14 our national debt stood at RM1.38 trillion. After GE14 till today our national debt shot up to RM2.2 trillion. In 6 months ti...