Thursday, October 3, 2019

This might be my last opinion regarding Mahathir

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3 Police officers from D5 Bukit Aman came to my house on the 14th August 2019 around 9pm without a search warrant.  My statement was taken, my handphone was taken and CPU was taken.

There is a saying POLICE come daytime while THIEF come at night but today it is the reverse.

Yesterday Inspector Fairol, his contact number 013 3779440 told me to be at Balai Kelana Jaya at 5 pm today to have my statement taken.  When police says to come at night means OVERNIGHT STAY AT THEIR SIX STARS HOTEL.

I am not Rosmah or Zakir Naik, so I expect nothing from the police except a dark and bitter learning experience.  My only concern is whether I will come out alive or as a corpse. Given the reputation of PDRM, there are no surprises.
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So now my Dear Mahathir, your life has being a bed of roses.  You have all the power in Malaysia under your command.  You act like God and untouchable in our Laws.  God has also gifted you with a twisted tongue that create lies, false allegation and stupid excuses daily in Malaysia and to countries where you are just a guest. 

If I am correct under the COALITION AGREEMENT which you signed, it states clearly that the minute Anwar becomes an MP, you will step down and hand over the Premiership to him. Then you requested 2 years not knowing that the ex Agong was a generous and kind person to let Anwar be pardon and was out within 3 months.  Anwar won the PD by-election on the 12th October 2018.  In a few days Anwar has been an MP for a year yet you are giving excuses after excuses to hand over the Premiership.

A Premier’s job is never done, everyone knows this except your supporters who have much to lose if you step down.

Mahathir, I learnt from the past that no matter what plans we make can never complete when we are taken to our next destiny. So your half bake excuse WORK HALF DONE shows you want to die in office.

Mahathir your ego shows you are a coward not able to face the truth of what is happening to Malaysia under your Premiership.

Since May 2018 till today US$700 Billion cash has left Malaysia.
Many businesses have since closed – TUTUP, many are also closing daily.
Cost of living has rose.
Crime rate has rose.
Poverty population has rose.
Homeless has rose.

Services in Public places has slowed down to a snail pace, reason given no money.  Hello this is the job of the government to upkeep and maintain. What happened to the Samurai Money, what happened to the money from all the assets sold so far?

Harapan Fund collected, we the Rakyat has not seen the account where the money went.
1MDB money confiscated and given to PH Government has gone missing.
Assets from Khazanah Nasional Berhad has gone to private pockets.

The only good thing you have done so far is to make your millionaire children and grand-children into billionaire.

Today Malaysians are fed up and frustrated you have blown your second chance. 

Today you destroyed whatever dignity we have by pushing away Tourists and Investors not to come to Malaysia. With the help of Zakir Naik, you instigated racial unrest, wanting another May 13 1969 so badly to continue your stay as Prime Minister. Luckily we have an IGP who worship Allah and not you.

Can you honestly confirm the figure of Tourists who came to Malaysia since May 2018 till today?

Can you honestly confirm the number of Investors who came to Malaysia since May 2018 till today?

Between you and Azmin Ali, NO INVESTORS EVEN WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MALAYSIA.  That is how bad your reputation is.  Yes you are awarded with medal from Japan and other countries but what good is that when HISTORY WILL REMEMBER YOU AS THE PARIAH OF MALAYSIA.

Within a year you have destroyed your own legacy.  That is your karma.

Mahathir, I challenge you to sue me instead of getting PDRM, AG and Judiciary involve, if you think I am making a false allegation against you. Compare to the Permaisuri Agong who is more understanding to the Rakyat’s frustration and pain, you choose to misuse your authority to silence your critics.
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Permaisuri Agong upset with police crackdown, briefly reactivates Twitter

Mahathir you must accept the truth that you have overstayed on our hospitality.  Be a man and GO.

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